Reagan Lancaster Software Consulting Expert Launches Tech Development Service

Newly updated software entrepreneurship and technology consulting services have been launched by SourceTap. Run by Reagan Lancaster, the firm helps companies to execute at a higher level.

Are you looking for sales growth and help monetizing your product offering that could propel your organization to success?

Welcome to SourceTap, a management and consulting company dedicated to helping technology companies of all sizes grow and develop to their fullest potential.

A team of creative, experienced and knowledgeable software industry experts are here to provide execution plans to enable software businesses to execute their revenue plans.

SourceTap is a consulting service for technology companies looking to expand, grow, increase revenue, and achieve their financial goals. Led by Reagan Lancaster, SourceTap helps software companies to execute at a higher level with a focus on streamlined productivity and better revenue.

Whether your goal is to shatter your competition, go public, acquire another company, or grow to level to be acquired, we at SourceTap can help.

At SourceTap, our success can be contracted to your success. Let us make your company successful and let us share in your results. Give us a chance to take your software company to the next level.

The new launch of their updated service helps more businesses to succeed and attain their goals. It is designed to help with monetizing and executing revenue in multiple proven models. Businesses can get help with international expansion, concentrating on verticals, or more product specialization.

One of the key benefits of the newly updated service is that the team at SourceTap is highly experienced. They understand SaaS, cloud, enterprise, direct and indirect models.

They are also highly experienced in the demands of running, growing and expanding in a global organization. One of the ways the new service can help clients is in the process of going public. They can help clients to hire top management teams, acquire other companies to expand their product line, and more.

Tap into your growth potential with SourceTap! For more information can be found at: or check out our YouTube video now!

Reagan Lancaster is known as a software executive, cowboy and fitness enthusiast. He has a tremendous career in the software business, and has helped to build industry giants like Oracle. In addition to this, he has helped with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. As president and Chief Revenue Officer, he built i2 Technologies from 2 million in sales to 1.8 billion in six years. At Oracle, Lancaster was the number one commercial sales person for several years and ran the number one region in the world, South Central. Lancaster has also been involved in over 30 acquisitions from as small as 1mil to as large as 9.6 Billion.

Further to this, he has worked in the horse business, and Lancaster Ranch ( is a premier cutting horse ranch. He has established himself as a top rider, with over 478k in earnings from the sport alone.

The SourceTap site explains: “Lancaster has also been noted in many athletic endeavors since growing up in Texas football country playing and lettering in many sports. He has participated in century ride bicycle races with 7 hotter than hell finishes. Lancaster has also competed in 11 NPC Bodybuilding shows and has many wins and is a national qualifier. ”Full details of the newly updated software entrepreneurship and technology consulting services can be found on the URL above.

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