Reading Business Centre Expands Its Available Office Space

The Reading Business Centre is adding over 100 new desks to it's Fountain House location due to increasing demand from local businesses.

Reading Business Centre, a serviced office company in Berkshire, is expanding it’s premises by taking up the whole of the 6th floor of Fountain House in Queens Walk. They already have the top two floors of the building but due to increased demand they are providing office space for over 100 new people. These spaces will be divided up into 5 separate offices so different sized companies can use the space. Fountain House is located in the centre of Reading with easy access to all of the shops and the main train station.

Reading is one of the top growth areas for business in the UK currently and Reading Business Centre owner, Nick Lambourne comments,”Lots of new businesses are relocating to Reading and need both long and short term office space for their employees. This increased demand has led to us building out the new floor and offering it to new businesses needing more desk space.”

In fact, Reading is currently ranked number 1 in the UK for the number of people in the labour market in current employment, it has the 5th most qualified workforce in the country and is also home to 13 of the world’s Top 30 brands. With the arrival of Cross Rail next year the town is seeing massive growth and is highly desirable as a place to both work and live with quick and easy access to London.

Lambourne goes on to say,”These are really exciting times for the town and many of the local businesses. With all the doom and gloom around Brexit we are very positive about our projected growth over the next couple of years and we are looking forward to the future.”

As business hubs like Reading grow, they will need investment in facilities and personnel like the developments happening at the Reading Business Centre. The feel good factor will encourage businesses to invest in extra office space for their employees.

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