Reading Based Digital Marketing Company Launches New Business

New digital marketing firm opens up in the Thames Valley.

Atlantis Web Marketing are a new digital marketing company who have recently set up in the Thames Valley. Director Chris Hines, recently set up Atlantis Web Marketing, as he was getting a lot of requests for help from small business owners to show them digital marketing.

Hines comments, “Last year a number of people asked me how I was growing my other businesses and when I said through digital marketing they were intrigued. It became apparent from talking with these people that there was a gap in the market to help small businesses develop their online presence. Obviously, there are big marketing agencies out there but they are way beyond the budgets of most small businesses so I started up Atlantis Web Marketing to fill the void.”

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Hines is a veteran of the fitness industry and has marketed his fitness businesses online for several years now. He works with small start up businesses who are based in the Thames Valley and London and really understands the issues his clients have.

He continues, “Many of my clients are too busy running their businesses and don’t have time for simple stuff like web development, SEO, blogging and social media marketing. My aim with Atlantis Web Marketing was to help take all these tasks off the client so they can focus on their business. But it needed to be within the budget of a new start up.”

Hines has a handful of local clients at the moment and hopes to grow his client base to 20 local businesses in the next 12 months. He aims to bring on more staff and grow his team as Atlantis Web Marketing expands and sees himself owning a nationwide company within the next five years. All of his clients are online so there are no geographical boundaries to limit his growth in the future.

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