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Siddharth Rajsekar, India’s Leading Digital Coach launches the ultimate guide to help digital entrepreneurs manage their money

‘The Ultimate Guide to Managing your Money in a Digital Business’, authored by Siddharth Rajsekar, Founder, LIfestyle Internet Hub aims at helping digital entrepreneurs and businesses to manage and multiply their money. 2020 is estimated to have seen a 12% growth in new businesses compared to the previous year and, according to a study from Growth Intelligence, the pandemic resulted in more than 85,000 online businesses being established during the height of national lockdown last year.

The rise in businesses determines a new cash flow. Many digital entrepreneurs are managing to sustain constant sales and have an income, the error lies in the money management plan, an observation made by leaders and mentors Siddharth has learnt from. The money management system he adheres to, is inspired by his mentors. To name a few; T.Harv Eker coined the TWCGO formula and Vick Strizheus, the JARS Principle. Siddharth’s system of money management will help entrepreneurs take complete control of their personal and business finances, creating a rational approach towards money. And most importantly, the guide will help multiply money faster.

Siddharth Rajsekar mentions his personal experience with money management, “I was in a bad situation in 2011; I was dead broke. I had just Rs.500 in my bank account. My wife was pregnant, and I had lost my job. What I started to do at that hopeless point of time was to learn from mentors. I began to understand the principles of money. I attended a seminar by T Harv Eker called Millionaire Mind Intensive, which changed the game. I finally understood I could not expect different results in my life while being the same person. You have to transform from within if you want an external transformation in your life. I’ve adopted all of that wisdom. My mentor, Vick Strizheus’ learnings, are like an evolved version, most suited for knowledge business.”

“Managing money is as important as making money,” adds Siddharth. The beginning of a digital business can be challenging, but the challenges only increase as the money starts flowing in. In order to make money entrepreneurs miss out on managing it. This puts them at a financial risk. The guide details down on things that can be done to manage money efficiently and also discusses the red flags when it comes to handling money. The guide can be summarised as one-stop solution to money management, it also has videos as and when concepts are explained. The concepts are proven, they have not only transformed Siddharth’s life and money energy but have also positively impacted Siddharth’s digital coaches community, Internet Lifestyle Hub.

The guide explores the following aspects of money management:

1. The best way to manage money

2. How to Manage Money As A Digital Entrepreneur?

3. How to create multiple streams of income?

4. Financial challenges that digital entrepreneurs face

5. The steps that self-made millionaires follow

6. A way to make INR 3 lakh (USD 4000) per month

7. Ten things you should never do in money management

Following this guide will bring digital entrepreneurs to the water but drinking the water is something they must do themselves. A discipline is required to manage money. The guide emphasises how one must change internally to see an external change. It is It is futile to expect an abundance of money while not changing habits. As mentioned, the two primary components of this guide on how to manage money are the JARS principle and the TWCGO formula.

The JARS principle by T. Harv Eker divides money into 6 Jars.

FFA (Financial Freedom Account) – 10%

LTSS (Long Term Savings for Spendings) – 10%

NEC (Necessities) – 55%

PLAY (Indulge in self) – 10%

GIVE (Charity) – 5%

EDUC (Education) – 10%

The Jars are self-explanatory but to understand them in-depth, the digital entrepreneur must refer to the guide and the videos they comprise. Needless to say, the same goes for Vick’s formula, TWCGO.

T here is ‘Taxes’, one must be 100% compliant when it comes to their taxes. Chartered accountants might suggest otherwise but the guide asks you to adhere to 100% compliance. It will further dive into why one should do the same.

W is the ‘Wealth Account’. The wealth account is divided into long term wealth (FFA), wealth that should not be touched at all and spending, money to be spent for multiplying (other investments etc.)

C is ‘Charity’. What goes around, comes around. This universal law is applicable to money too.

G for ‘General Account/Expenses’. Basic necessary expenses such as rent, food and so on, expenditure suggested, 30 to 40%.

O for ‘Business Operations Account’. The guide suggests a current account for business. All business expenses such as tools, software, etc.

The guide will give you a better purview of how one can look at money rationally but at the same time as energy. The guide is for digital businesses and entrepreneurs, but every man who is looking to understand their money better, should adopt the guide. When money is used properly it grows. Siddharth Rajsekar has witnessed 100x growth by following his guide and wishes to share this key ingredient in any business with maximum people possible.

About Siddharth Rajsekar:

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is on a mission to create a new leadership for the new world. He is the founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers, and experts with over 15,000 paid members.

Siddharth is focussed on building a new world with a fresh breed of Digital Leaders, who teach what they love and specialize in based on the core principles of passion, humanity & simplicity while enhancing one’s happiness and overall productivity.

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