RDNY.com’s No Fee Apartment Rental Summer Pricings Ends September 1, 2016

RDNY.com announces the end of the Summer Sale pricing. RDNY.com's 100% Guaranteed No Broker Fee apartment rental listings service is introducing new pricing and options for renters on September 1. Find the latest apartments and prices at http://www.RDNY.com.

With the end of summer, RDNY.com (Rent Direct New York) announced that it will be ending its Summer Sale on September 1, 2016. For the past two months, thousands of students and recent graduates moving to New York City have used RDNY.com’s 100% Guaranteed No Broker Fee apartment rental service to find their new apartments. For the 21st consecutive summer, hundreds of new New Yorkers have taken advantage of RDNY.com’s outstanding customer support and personalized assistance to help with their apartment rental related questions as they find new digs across New York City.

RDNY.com recognizes that finding apartments to rent in New York is often highly frustrating and expensive. That’s why, with the end of summer pricing, RDNY will be introducing new prices and new options to help every renter find a terrific apartment – without having to pay a broker’s fee.

Renters can freely preview thousands of available no broker fee apartments at http://www.RDNY.com. RDNY.com has over 5,600 no broker fee apartment listings in every size, price, and neighborhood in New York City. With a database of over 70,000 apartment images, most listings show pictures of the building and typical interiors of the apartment. Many apartments also have floor plans.

When asked about the new pricing to follow the ending of the Summer Sale, Ralph Barocas, Co-Founder of RDNY.com said,

New York City has an active rental market in all 12 months of the year. While we focus on students in the summer, we are now refocused on all the young professionals that pour into New York who need apartments. The incentives to move to NYC are better than they’ve been in several years. Not only don’t our users pay a broker’s fee, but we also pass along to our renters all the new rent incentives being offered by landlords at over 120 buildings. Using RDNY.com is one of the few bargains around when you’re trying to find a new apartment. Fall prices will be announced on September 1, 2016.

People moving to New York City looking for the most up-to-date information about using RDNY.com’s 100% Guaranteed No Broker Fee apartment rental service can visit http://www.RDNY.com.

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