Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Gold/Crystal Brown ‘New Tech’ Starts With 25% Celebration

Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025 are being refreshed and revamped with new materials, colours and revolutionary technological advancements,

Luxottica Group will present Ray-Ban’s Spring Summer 2015 collection, featuring technologically advanced versions of its iconic models along with new sun and optical styles in time for the summer season.

Like the other Icons of the brand, the Aviators (RB3025) are being refreshed and revamped with new materials and colours. The brass-like effect gives the metal frame a vintage patina, in sharp contrast with the contemporary look of the mirrored lenses in vibrant colours. Available combinations include semi-gloss brushed bronze with grey-purple, red, lilac or blue mirrored lenses.

To celebrate this landmark occasion, Putaframeonit.com have announced a 25% reduction off the whole Ray-Ban Aviator product range here;


Jay C, who runs marketing for Putaframeonit had this to say:

“Putaframeonit.com has decided to announce 25% off on their Ray-Ban RB3025 gold/crystal brown gradient model as a way of saying thanks to our loyal customers and celebrate this momentous occassion for the Global brand”

Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient sunglasses encompass the teardrop shape that started it all. Originally designed for U.S. aviators, the Aviator Sunglasses design has become iconic. The gradient lenses are nicely toned and give a cool effect to what is considered the sunglass that shaped entire cult movements. Made famous by the 1980’s movie Top Gun, it has remained a popular choice for well over two decades.

For the first time in history, the Wayfarers (RB2140) are also offered in an original denim version produced through a high-tech process developed by Ray-Ban. The frames of the Denim Wayfarer are made of 100% ultra-strong denim, with a coating of polypropylene layers. Made of four or five layers of denim, the style comes in classical denim blue or in a range of new colours: black, light blue, rust, green and purple.

To make the most of the 25% celebration and to join in with Ray-Ban’s historic achievement, fans are encouraged to visit the website to take advantage here;


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