Rave Reviews Coming in For Paint Brush Set from Master Artists

Art Supplies announced the continued availability of their Artists Paint Brushes "Art Supplies Set of 6-Filbert Golden Nylon Brushes" available at Amazon. More information can be found at http://www.amztk.com/turnleft

Rave reviews are coming in after the recent launch by Art Supplies of their Set of 6-Filbert Golden Nylon Brushes. Ell Bailey, spokesperson at Art Supplies shares more on the continued success of the company’s new product.

Going through the product listing, one could be forgiven for thinking that this is a long established product developer with a long tradition of excellent customer care and a huge catalogue to back up their products.

Seeing the comments coming in, there is a good view on where the product is in the market place and how the customers perceive the value of what they have bought.

‘Melissa H’, a customer who has made a verified purchase stated “These Professional Art Paint Brushes are amazing. This set is made of high quality products and designed perfectly for use for oil painting, watercolor painting and acrylic. My daughter loves to paint and these are by far her favorite brushes. The handles are made of a high quality wood and the brushes are made of anti-shedding hair (which is big for an artist!) The bristles are soft, but yet durable and these are made for professionals…I would highly recommend these high quality brushes to anyone and everyone!”

Another customer who made a verified purchase was ‘Greg and Erica E’ who stated “…These artist brushes are top quality and some of the best that I have ever bought. I make glass tile jewelry and I have to use very high quality brushes to seal my images into the glass with glaze. These brushes have nylon bristles and they don’t lose hair like the cheaper ones too. I can’t have hair get into my jewelry. I also love that this company has a no animal hair policy. These brushes come in multiple sizes as well so I have different sizes to use depending on what size jewelry I am working on. These are excellent brushes….”

‘Wendy A Snyder’ said of her verified purchase “…All of the brushes were flat with very straight firm edges. The width of the brushes varied from 1/2 inch to 1/8 inch which was really nice for adding details… The exact straight edges gave the feeling of almost using a pencil. This gave each brush Lots of control. The paint stayed on the brush, and applied well…”

As these verified purchases show, the product was launched after a lot of development was done to ensure that a high quality product fit for purpose was available. From the tone of the reviews it can be seen that the variety of uses and broad spectrum of artist needs has been catered for.

Company spokesperson Ell Bailey is quoted as saying “We are delighted that our product has received such acclaim so soon after its launch. This set of 6 Filbert Golden Nylon Brushes is a wonderful addition to any artist’s tool set as can be evidenced from the glowing reviews”.

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: http://www.amztk.com/turnleft

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