Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit With Home Cheek Swab & Free Lab Testing Launched

The acclaimed RSC Healthy announced the launch of a new Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit with everything needed to easily collect cheek-swab samples at home and pre-paid lab testing and shipping for the most fast, affordable and accurate paternity results.

The RSC Health has announced the launch of its new Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit ideal to help anyone get timely, reliable answers on their paternity questions with cheek swab samples collected at home and all the lab testing and shipping fees covered.

More information is available http://amzn.to/2wiXN8J.

The RSC Health is a highly popular company with more than a decade of experience helping thousands of people get quick, accurate and confidential answers on issues like paternity, family and ancestry, infidelity, immigration and a wide range of other personal questions with easy, affordable medical testing by the nation’s top DNA laboratories.

The company has now announced the launch of its Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit which allows anyone to get the most quick, accurate and affordable paternity results by offering all the tools and guidelines required to collect the DNA samples of two people with simple, pain-free cheek swabs in the privacy of their own home and all the lab testing and shipping fees pre-paid.

All the DNA samples collected with the Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit and submitted to one of its accredited labs are tested twice to ensure the accuracy of the results, which are revealed quickly and confidentially within three business days through a secured online portal with status updates, processing notifications, and more.

The RSC Health team explains that “our easy to use Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit contains everything our clients need for fast, affordable and accurate answers on any of their paternity questions. It only requires a simple, pain-free cheek swab performed in the comfort and privacy of their own home for our accredited lab to deliver results that are guaranteed accurate to 99.99998% within three business days of receiving the samples.”

More information on the convenient Rapid DNA Paternity Test kit provided by the RSC Health and its simple DNA sample collection or accurate, fast and confidential results can be consulted at its Amazon storefront along with multiple client reviews and details on current discount specials or the complimentary, confidential consulting the company has available for clients before, during and after the test.

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