RankReveal & Serpsuite Next Generation Keyword Ranking Tools Compared

RankReveal and SerpSuite are ushering in a new technology of keyword tools giving SEO professionals access to previously unavailable keyword data. Chris Munch performed a full detailed review and comparison of both tools at http://munchweb.com/rankreveal-serpsuite-review.

The release on Tuesday March 24th of new keyword tool RankReveal ushers in a new technology and new generation of keyword tools. These tools work by uncovering a range of keywords a site is ranking for giving site owners, webmasters and SEO professionals keyword insights that were previously unavailable.

RankReveal is the newest “kid on the block” and its release raises the question “which of these keyword tools using this new technology is the best choice for finding potential keywords for a particular site.

Chris Munch of Munchweb.com undertook a direct comparison between established keyword tool SerpSuite and the newly released RankReveal to reveal how their features add up. The features and performance of both tools were compared to discover how they worked in live testing and how practical and useful each was to a live user.

Munch said “Both tools are extremely valuable when you’re looking to uncover keywords you can target with quality content on your websites. Apart from finding keywords for your website we also found that these tools have some really great add on features like tracking keywords you’re ranking for with your YouTube videos and press releases.”

Munch said “Both tools also allow you to track based on local searches which is brilliant if you have a local business or if you’re working with local businesses. One keyword tool allows you to send customised reports to clients which is incredibly valuable for SEO professionals who have multiple paying clients who like to know the results their money is getting for them with an SEO service.”

Munch said “We also created a direct price comparison so you can see based on your needs which service is better for you: SerpSuite or RankReveal.” Chris Munch’s detailed in depth review of RankReveal vs SerpSuite is available at http://munchweb.com/rankreveal-serpsuite-review.

More details on SerpSuite are available at http://letsgolook.at/serpsuite. More details on RankReveal are available at http://letsgolook.at/rankreveal.

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