Ranking Second in Terms of Documented Drug Tests by USADA

Drug testing has become common feature in the sports arena and man leading sportsmen across the globe are put to various tests. USADA or the United States Anti-doping Agency carries out consistent tests on sportsmen representing USA and some like Michael Phelps.

New York – USA – 26.10.2014 – Use of drugs is prohibited in the sports arena and more often than nor the leading sportsmen of the world are put to drug test by the authorities like the United States Anti-Doping Agency or USADA tracing out drugs in the anatomic systems of the sports persons and verify their impacts on their performance. 

In the past, uses of dopes were quite common place and many sportsmen used them to enhance metabolism of their anatomic system and to get additional impetus for performing better. However, gradually, the use of dopes was considered wrong by the sports authorities and passing drug tests became mandatory for the sports persons. 

According to http://www.passdrugtestkit.com noted swimmer and 2012 Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps for example is one who is repeatedly facing such problem. He was tested more than others during the second quarter of the year 2014 and according to the documented statistics of the agency; he was tested as many as eleven times. No other sports people save the Olympic silver medalist and the distance runner Galen Rupp who was tested 12 times, one time more than Phelps. Thus this year Phelps ranks second in terms of drug tests carried out on any leading sports personality. 

If anyone thinks that so many tests on a single athlete are somewhat arbitrary ad unwarranted, they should know that Rupp was tested as many as 28 times during the year 2013 by USADA. “It could be even more since all the drug tests are not documented by USADA and there could be some that have not been documented either in case of Phelps or Rupp or for that matter any other athlete undergoing such drug tests”, commented one of the officials of United States Sports Authority. He was having a press conference on the relevance of drug tests carried out on the athletes.

“Since these athletes represent the country in the international arena, it is necessary that they pass the drug tests comprehensively. Else there could not only be chances  of their losing out any win registered in the field but also a dent in the national prestige. Thus testing is the veritable tool to dispense with such unwarranted possibilities”, he concluded. 

Several drug testing programs are conducted by USADA that includes Olympic, Para Olympic, Pan American, Para Pan American and World Athletic events. It is not that only USADA is conducting such tests but on their requests other labs and agencies can also carry out the tests on international athletes in America. 

However the documented search results on tests conducted by USADA is available on line at this site and the drug test results on those conducted by other agencies may be available as well if the drug test was conducted on the request of USADA.

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