Rank Brain Media Reveals SEO Efforts That Lead to a Dramatic Increase in Sales.

Rank Brain Media, a digital marketing company, shares a case study in which they improved their client's ranking from #4 to #1 in just 12 days and how that increased their sales by 5x through a 400% growth in website traffic.

Rank Brain Media revealed their new case study today on SEO efforts that lead to dramatic increase in website visitors, leads and customers. This case study demonstrates increasing its client’s rankings from #4 to #1 in just 12 days and the positive impact that it had on the business.

“Our client came to us wanting to improve their rankings for a specific keyword that was a major part of their business,” said company owner, Adam Whitaker. “They understood that ranking #1 would bring them more organic website visitors and traffic.”

With over 13 years of success in the SEO industry, Rank Brain Media followed a tried and tested methodology of a content-based SEO approach to achieve those rankings. By improving the user experience, content, architecture and internal links of the specific landing page geared towards that keyword, Rank Brain Media was able to move their page from the #4 spot to #1 in just 12 days.

“But it’s not just for the vanity of appearing number one,” says Whitaker. “In their previous #4 position, they were, on average, receiving a 6% click-through rate on those specific keyword searches. By moving them to #1, they now see an average of 30% click-through rates which is a 400% growth and equates to 5x as much website traffic, leads and sales month after month.”

The search engine optimization was performed on the page in November of 2019. 19 months later, the #1 ranking has continued to stand the test of time and remains the top ranking, top performing website within that niche for those keywords. To find out how you can get your business to the top of search engines and increase your organic website traffic, leads and sales – check out the case study and get in touch with Rank Brain Media today.

The case study is available on the SEO Company Indianapolis page of the website.

About Rank Brain Media, LLC

Rank Brain Media is a full-service digital marketing company in Carmel, IN. We have been doing website design, SEO, paid advertising, content marketing and social media marketing for 13+ years.

We’ve helped solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, franchises and larger corporations build and accelerate their business through online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most misunderstood component of digital marketing – by both businesses and so-called SEO experts themselves. The truth is – the #1 ranking website will generate far more revenue from online marketing than the subsequent search results. And over the past 13 years, we’ve proven time and time again that our company can get our clients there.

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