Ramos Oil Company Launches New Website Focused on Customer Experience

The Ramos Oil Company announced the launch of their new Customer Friendly Website. The focus of the site is to provide customers multiple points of contact and helpful information for business leaders

West Sacramento, CA June 12, 2019. For immediate release

The Ramos Oil Company announced the launch of their new and improved website. The site has been designed to provide current and future customers with easy to find information about their petroleum products and services.

“After talking with our customers about their experience with the old website, we identified key areas that would improve their experience” said Dillon Ramos a member of the Ramos Oil management team, “We focused on ensuring our customers could easily contact our team right on the site with messaging and chat features along with an easy click-to-call function.”

Along with the focus on customer interaction, the Ramos Oil Team designed the site to be user intuitive by making the most popular information easy to find directly from the home page.

The Ramos Cardlock Fueling Solutions section of the site provides visitors with an abundance of information about the programs, FAQs, all the forms required to apply for a Ramos Cardlock account, location finders for both Ramos Oil fueling sites and their partnering CFN locations.

Speaking about the Cardlock Fueling information available on the site, Ramos Sales Manager Chris Anderson said, “Cardlock fueling is one of the most popular services we offer. Our goal is to provide Fleet Managers with the information and resources they need to make the best decision for their business.”

To highlight the new features and functions on the new website, the Ramos Team created an Easy to follow guide that highlights the Customer Friendly Features and Functions of the new site.

The Ramos Oil Company has been a leader in petroleum products and services in California and Nevada for over 65 years, becoming one of the 500 largest Hispanic-Owned businesses in the United States. Their Industry Leading Petroleum Services include providing gas stations with branded fuel delivery, fleet fueling, over the water marine fueling, bulk fuel transportation, hazardous waste removal and environmental services.

To learn more about the new Ramos Oil Company’s website or to learn more about their petroleum services and products, please visit their new website at https://www.ramosoil.com/

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