Rami Naturals Launches a Product Offering a Solution For a Good Night’s Sleep

Rami Naturals® - Best Anti-Snore Nose Clip is the smarter solution to alleviate snoring and more. It promotes better breathing; aids in reducing and stopping snoring; and, helps reduce dry mouth. It is drug free, reusable and stores easily in a clear travel case.

Rami Naturals, a distributor of Natural Supplements related to health and well being has made a new offering in the Amazon Marketplace. Their first non-supplement product is aimed to alleviate a widespread problem that not only has medical implications but often impacts marital bliss: Snoring.

According to renowned celebrity doctor, “snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway, which limits the flow of air and also increases the speed of airflow through the nose and air passages. This faster-moving air creates a vibration at the back of the mouth and throat. It is these vibrations that create the sounds we know as snoring.”

Rami Naturals founder, Lola Damon, says that their new product is based on magnet therapy that allows the nasal passages to remain open during sleep. Several studies are under way to test the viability of implanting magnets in the nasal passages,but many suffers find relief from far less invasive means, such as this anti-snoring nose clip. Lola Damon says,“We were looking for a drug free solution that our company could offer and the anti-snoring nose clip is just that. The small magnets work to pull open the nasal passages. The whole device is very non-intrusive, about the size of a U.S. dime and that was a feature we were most excited about. Our tests showed that it did not interrupt sleep patterns and did help to relieve their snoring.”

Ms. Damon adds that this affliction once thought of as only a nuisance has been shown to be much a more serious issue. Snoring can be a symptom of a serious medical condition and sufferers should consult a physician first.

When a medical condition has been ruled out according to ongoing studies, snoring can also be caused by excess alcohol intake within 3 hours of sleep or by certain sleeping positions. Alleviating snoring can have beneficial effects on not only the sufferer but also on those who share sleeping quarters with the sufferer. Noted psychologist,Dr. Gail Saltz, has stated “sleep, as you know, isessential. Lack of sleep leads to irritability, accidents, depression and difficulty functioning — and these can take their own toll on a relationship!” She has cautioned couples to try other remedies before resorting to separate bedrooms.“If your partner’s snoring makes you miserable at night, there are plenty of options available.”

Rami Naturals co-founder Lola Damon says “I think many people fail to realize the vital importance of a good night’s sleep. We chose to offer the anti-snoring device as our first physical product because we believe in overall mind/body health. If that also leads to marital bliss, what a wonderful by product.”

Rami Naturals announced that their anti-snoring device is available in the Amazon Marketplace.

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