Ramakant Sharda’s Colorful Experiment with High Speed Photography Revealed

Award-winning photographer Ramakant Sharda revealed his colorful experiments with high speed photography along with a how-to guide at http://clickmanic.com

Ramakant Sharda, an award-winning photographer from Jaipur, which is also famous as pink city of India, has revealed his collection of colorful high-speed photography. It took him many years to create these various series including chromatic explosion, psychedelic eruption, creamy contours, stunning nebulae, and many more.

More information is available at http://clickmanic.com.

According to Ramakant, creating set up and cleaning after each shot was the most difficult task. Sometimes it took him days for creating and perfecting setup and lighting and after each shot, he had to clean everything because he used lots and lots of colors for creating these photos.

That’s why he also released a book titled ‘Mastering High-Speed Photography’. In this book, he has included everything you need to learn about high speed photography. This newly launched book has ideas and complete information about this attention-grabbing kind of photography. This book is intended for every photographer including amateur ones.

The just-released guide Mastering High-Speed Photography teaches you everything including what equipment you need such as camera, lens, flashes, and most importantly high-speed trigger to make your work a lot easier. It has over 14 different high speed photography projects with setup images to make the shoot easier. All the camera and trigger settings are also there with complete workflow from start to finish.

Ramakant Sharda has also created three coffee table books called Frozen Moments, Ephemeral, and The Third Dimension in the past. He is a brand ambassador of MIOPS and writes regularly for Digital Photography School. His photography work has been published in various magazines, newspapers, and international blogs.

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