Raleigh Solar Panel Installers Tempt NC Homeowners with New Financing Options

Solar installation companies in Raleigh have announced new financing options to make solar energy systems affordable to more Research Triangle homeowners.

Industry expert Andy Morris has identified 9 leading solar power installers serving the Raleigh, North Carolina area. In order to make residential solar more affordable, some of these companies now offer unique opportunities to purchase a residential solar PV system. This includes announcing new, low-cost financing for well-qualified candidates.

More information is available at: http://betterhomenews.com/raleigh-solar

Mr. Morris says, “There’s never been a better time to start lowering high energy costs by financing a solar energy installation, while taking advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit. Duke Energy Progress has decided to make residential solar power generation a priority with their SunSense Solar PV program.”

Google reviews of Raleigh solar companies range between 1 and 5 stars. Some things to watch out for are how responsive the company is during the pre-sales process, system reliability ratings, and whether customers have been satisfied with their energy savings.

The biggest advantage of financing a residential solar energy system in Raleigh is the ability to spread the investment out over time, rather than having to come up with the full cash sum at installation. This is often the deciding factor in system affordability for homeowners.

Estimating the full cost savings of a financed solar PV system requires working with a solar contractor prior to installation. Solar energy is a modular technology, meaning homeowners can install as many or as few panels as they like, based on budget and energy-savings goals. Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings bigger electricity bill savings. With a large enough installation, it’s possible to eliminate energy bills completely.

Mr. Morris goes on to say, “Thanks to financing solar energy, countless North Carolinians have eliminated their monthly local utility bill. However large an installation, most homeowners can expect electricity bill savings to grow with time, and pay increasingly large dividends with each passing year as utility rates continue to increase.”

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