Raleigh, NC – William Peace University Awards Nursing Scholarship

William Peace University honoured Eda Varinca Jones with the Lynn Kendrick Erdman Scholarship for her exceptional leadership and selflessness toward patients

Eda Varinca Jones has been awarded the Lynn Kendrick Erdman Scholarship for her exceptional leadership and selflessness as a mother, nurse, and student.

Jones, a full-time student at William Peace University juggles many other facets in life. Most importantly, as a mother of twins, Jones cares for her two and half year old twins who were born at only 25 weeks old.

Jones explained the dedication toward juggling motherhood in her application, saying “I am a mother and a nurse 24/7. My job is never-ending.” Jones added later, “Despite my hands being full and my heart being fuller, I come to work every weekend with a positive attitude, ready to deliver the best care I can to my patients and their families.”

Also, a nurse at the WakeMed Emergency Department, Jones provides patients with outstanding care, excellent customer service, and commitment to her patients and staff members.

Barry Swanner, manager of WakeMed Emergency Services, said in a statement:

“I can personally attest to her knowledge/ability to skillfully care for multiple patient populations and will also add that she is a valuable resource to her coworkers that are less experienced.”

While a student, mother, and nurse, Jones has been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while attending WPU, excelling in all facets of her academic career. Each year William Peace University gives this special award to students that embody selflessness and commitment.

William Peace University awards the Lynn Kendrick Erdman Scholarship to students who embody leadership and dedication throughout their educational journey. The scholarship helps provide students with the financial assistance needed to fund their education.

Erica Jastrow, director of the WPU BSN Program said: “She is an excellent student and truly embodies caring and professionalism. All the nurses who are working and going back to school to continue their education during a pandemic demonstrate tremendous dedication and they are all leaders. Every day he shows that she cares about others and provides excellent leadership while she juggles the duties of a student, nurse, and mother.”

Jones hopes to complete her degree in December 2022.

More information about William Peace University and the Lynn Kendrick Erdman Scholarship and winners of this award are available at https://www.peace.edu/

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