Raleigh NC Best Kids Boxing Kickboxing Classes Youth Fitness Program Launched

Knuckle Up, a Raleigh, NC-based boxing gym and fitness center, has announced the launch of its boxing training program for kids. The program aims to help these children master relevant life skills, including discipline, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, among others.

Raleigh, NC, based Knuckle Up Boxing Gym and Fitness Center has launched its latest boxing program for kids. The new program is designed to teach participants valuable life lessons, including self-confidence, problem-solving skills, discipline, among others, in a fun and safe environment.

More details are available at https://www.knuckleupgyms.com

The recently launched kids program is part of Knuckle Up’s series of activities lined up to help prepare these young children for the life ahead. They are taught relevant life skills that would help them get along with others, master problem-solving skills, and boost their self-confidence; these are essential traits required to get ahead in life.

These kids are also taught self-defense techniques that can come in handy when faced with threatening, dangerous situations.

Knuckle Up fitness center designed the program to be fun, ensuring that kids can enjoy themselves while at it. The program is open to all skill levels; this means, whether the kid has had boxing training in the past or new to the sports, the program is structured in such a way that there’s something for everyone.

The Raleigh, NC, based boxing gym and fitness center offer participants two training streams to choose from. They can sign up for the boxing lessons where they are taught real boxing techniques or opt for the Muay Thai kickboxing training.

In addition, Knuckle Up Boxing center offers a complimentary first class to help participants try out the program to see if it is something they would like. Classes are open five times a week, Monday through Friday at 5 PM.

The program is delivered through several training structures, including personal, one-on-one option, small group training, or partner training.

Knuckle Up also offers self-defense seminars where they teach proven techniques typically taught to law enforcement officers. These seminars are hosted in partnership with Regional Proving Grounds.

A company spokesperson said: “Our goal is to help prepare these bright young champions for their lives ahead, by instilling self-confidence, discipline, understanding, problem-solving skills and allow them to have fun and be a kid while doing it all.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting the website mentioned above.

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