Rajan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Rated One of the Best in NJ

Rajan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine helps patients through a variety of problems including those of the shoulder, hip, and knee through surgical and nonsurgical means.

Hackensack— Being injured can be a terrifying experience, especially if it is something that has never happened to a person before or if they do not know where to seek help. However, unfortunately, minor and major injuries occur quite often to people who engage in a significant number of physical activities or sports. One orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey is hoping to mitigate some of the fear and uncertainty regarding sports injuries with top-notch care and comforting customer service.

Rajan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offers its patient a wide variety of services to meet many different needs ranging from tendon repair to total shoulder replacement. Dr. Sivaram Rajan M.D. is a board-certified surgeon with years of experience and a specialization in arthroscopic surgery. He is trained in minimally invasive surgery in order to provide his patients with the most comfortable and easy to recover from service possible. His compassion can be witnessed through his charitable work including a medical mission trip to Honduras. Patients have spoken very highly of Rajan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, and Dr. Rajan has been regarded as a top orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey.

Many people panic when they hear that they need surgery, but surgery really is not as big of a deal as it used to be even 50 years ago. Most surgeries in the world of sports medicine do not require large incisions or copious amounts of time. Instead, these procedures are rather quick and simple. Many people who suffer the common injury of tearing their ACL can be back on the field of the court in as little as six months. With a good doctor, like Dr. Sivarm Rajan, the ACL surgery is highly reliable with patients generally responding quite well and recovering extremely quickly.

Whenever an injury is sustained while playing sports it is imperative that it is properly checked out as quickly as possible. This is especially important if the person who sustained the injury is still a child or adolescent because improperly healing injuries can stunt growth and cause other physical developmental problems. However, it also important to understand that injuries happen and that they do not signal an impending apocalypse. Reputable experienced healthcare professionals like those at Rajan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are out there and they want nothing more than to help their patients get out of the hospital bed and back in the game just as soon as they can.

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