Racial Equity/Diversity Workplace Solutions – Effective Inclusive Service Launch

Diversity experts Black Belonging Matters have launched a range of services aimed at helping employers improve racial equity and inclusion in their business to improve productivity and profit.

Black Belonging Matters, a 100% black owned diversity service provider based in New York City, has launched a range of services designed to help employers promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization through evidence based best practices.

More information can be found at https://blackbelongingmatters.com/employers-organizations

According to Black Belonging Matters, their top tier, full scale services utilize an in-depth analysis of the organization to create data driven inclusion and diversity strategies that will make the greatest impact on all stakeholders in the business.

The group believes many previous DEI efforts have failed because they insist on using outdated solutions that put pressure on the black minority to conform to the white majority’s standards.

Black Belonging Matters’ programs are premised upon the concept that DEI objectives can only be effectively achieved by recognizing and addressing “anti-blackness” in the organization and allowing the black minority to be their authentic selves.

Studies have shown that businesses with the highest levels of racial diversity make 15 times more sales revenue and exceed industry norms by 35%. It has also been found that around 70% of employees would consider looking for other jobs if their employer shows an unwillingness to commit to diversity.

Black Belonging Matters provides unconscious bias and implicit bias training programs specifically designed and created according to the unique needs of the organization. The training focuses on understanding and addressing the dynamics of unconscious and implicit bias, race, power, and privilege.

The group also provides attorney-led cultural liaison services to act as intermediaries between management and employees, with the aim of fostering open dialogue and advocating for truly meaningful changes within the organization.

The group has also created an online job portal where job seekers can find employers who are fully committed to DEI principles.

More information about Black Belonging Matters’ services can be found at https://blackbelongingmatters.com/services/#diversity&inclusion

Black Belonging Matters was founded by three black women of Caribbean descent with extensive backgrounds in law, psychology, and business inclusion strategies. The group utilizes their over 40 years of collective experience in human resources, employee relations, and cultural competence to help organizations effectively harness the benefits of DEI.

Interested parties can learn more at https://blackbelongingmatters.com/employers-organizations

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