Rachel Stoltzfus Offers Updated Release of Amish Bestseller, Test of Faith.

Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus offers an updated release of Test of Faith, the second book in her bestselling Winter of Faith series. Readers will enjoy this exciting addition to the Winter of Faith series.

Amish book readers looking for an engrossing Amish book can purchase Test of Faith by Rachel Stoltzfus for $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and 24Symbols. This is Book 2 of the bestselling Winter of Faith series.

Test of Faith is an updated release of the previously titled Amish book, Seasons of Love. It includes revisions and new content. This book was originally exclusive to Kindle, but is now offered on all of the above platforms in addition to having a paperback edition priced at $7.99.

In Test of Faith, Amish woman, Miriam Beiler is being courted by John Fisher, and she’s moving towards being baptized into the Amish community, but a chance meeting with an Englischer leads to deep trouble when Lance Newman begins stalking her. What happens next will forever change this peaceful Amish community and test the faith of all involved.

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Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. Christian readers will find this book both wholesome, encouraging, and ultimately engrossing.

Readers have raved about Rachel Stoltzfus’s Winter of Faith series.

About the first book of the series, Winter Storms, Amazon reader, Deborah Spencer, says: “I LOVED this book! Though there were central characters (and a love story), the book focuses more on the community and how it comes together to deal with the difficulties of a truly horrible winter. One of the most compelling parts of the book was when Adam, one of the boys in the community with asthma, is snowed in with others in the community after a Church gathering with limited supplies and influenza running rampant. Couldn’t stop reading!”

In reference to the first edition of Test of Faith, originally titled Seasons of Love, Amazon.com reader, Peggy Lacy, exclaims, “What a great read!!!!! It’s a story I will read over and over again! I already told friends and family they can borrow it and should read it.”

Also about the first edition of Test of Faith, Amazon.com reader, Jane Jones, raves, “The story shows the strong Amish faith and how they are sometimes in danger from outsiders when they do not respect their right to freedom of religion. Good story showing the strength of the Amish faith and how the community sticks together in times of danger.”

Readers can learn more about Test of Faith here: http://familychristianbookstore.net/index.php/2016…

Test of Faith is being offered $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and 24Symbols. It is also available in paperback for $7.99. If the paperback is purchased through Amazon.com, readers can then download the Kindle eBook edition for free.

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