Rachel Stoltzfus Offers Free Book Give Away of Amish Fairy Tales Collection.

Rachel Stoltzfus offers a free book give away for a paperback copy of her Amish Fairy Tales Boxed Set Collection, which encompasses the complete Amish Fairy Tales series. Readers will enjoy this entertaining series melding traditional fairy tales with Amish culture.

Christian readers looking for a great free book give away now have the chance to win a free paperback copy of Rachel Stoltzfus’s bestselling Amish Fairy Tales Boxed Set Collection through January 14th, 2016. This collection is the complete 4-book Amish Fairy Tales series. The collection is currently priced at $19.99 in paperback format.

In Ms. Stoltzfus’ Amish Fairy Tales Boxed Set Collection, readers can enjoy three classic fairy tale stories: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Though the books are interwoven, each fairy tale centers around a different protagonist as she works to overcome hardship while staying true to her faith. Ms. Stoltzfus has worked diligently through this series to integrate aspects of Amish culture with traditional fairy tales in a way that she hopes is whimsical and at the same time brings glory and honor to the Lord.

Readers can learn more about this Amish book and enter this book giveaway here: http://familychristianbookstore.net/index.php/2016…

Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her work to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. Christian book lovers will find this collection to be a unique take on classic fairy tales through a lens of Amish culture.

Readers have raved about Rachel Stoltzfus’s Amish Fairy Tales Collection.

About the Amish Fairy Tales Collection, Amazon.com reader, Macy Jackson, explains: “…The story of Ella and her sisters is wonderful you truly get caught up in their lives. I also loved how the love of God and his plan were major parts of the story line. You can see how his word and Christian principals lead the characters through trials and happiness!”

Lisa M. Sanchez, another Amazon.com reader, gushes, “Very good series!!”

And a third reader, Jenny Smith Cash, says this about her experience of the book, “I enjoyed these stories. I like series books and I wasn’t disappointed in these.”

Readers can learn more about Rachel Stoltzfus’ Amish Fairy Tales Boxed Set Collection and enter to win a free paperback copy of the book here: http://familychristianbookstore.net/index.php/2016…

The Amish Fairy Tales Boxed Set Collection is being offered at $5.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and Oyster, and it is $19.99 in paperback through Amazon.com. In addition, this collection was selected as the Global Grafx Family Christian Bookstore Book of the Month for January of 2016.

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