RACERiCE Supercharged Bars Perfect Healthy Snack for Kids Before or After Sport

New Australian health bar for sporty kids, developed by 3x Olympic Gold Medallist Stephanie Rice, provides the ultimate ready to go, pre and post training snack. Refuel on the before and after training with Supercharged Bars from RACERiCE.

Two years in the making, finally there is a healthy product created for parents to help fuel their sports loving children, before and after their training sessions.

The product is called Supercharged Bars. And they have been created by 3x Olympic Gold Medallist Stephanie Rice, RACERiCE Bars are now available in selected stores and online.

These ‘Supercharged Bars’ from RACERiCE are scientifically formulated. They are Vegan, Nut Free and Australian made. They contain no fillers or fake ingredients. Supercharged Bars come in three flavours, Banana Burst, Berry Coconut and Choc Mint.

Visit the online store here: https://www.racerice.com

Sports coaches and parents of athletic kids are always looking for good foods to help their young athletes prepare for, and refuel after training. Because parents are so busy, having healthy and sports appropriate snakes on hand is not easy.

Crucial times when quick, pre-made healthy snacks are needed are before training, immediately after training, on the bus or in the car driving from a training session to school, or from school to sport in the afternoon.

Founded by Triple Olympic Gold Medalist, now entrepreneur Stephanie Rice, who developed RACERiCE Supercharged Bars to help those busy mums and athletes fuel up before & after a workout.

These are great to give to the kids as a healthy and filling snack on the way to after-school activities, for an energy snack after working out at the gym, playing sport or swimming laps of the pool… also for just eating clean and healthy… Because they are just so delicious!

According to Stephanie Rice “My greatest desire in creating these bars was for kids all around the world to want to eat healthily and for SuperCharged Bars to replace the enormous amount of junk food in the marketplace.”

“Many people have been a few people asking if the bars are good for young athletes and school kids … They ABSOLUTELY are!! That was the biggest driver behind making them, thinking of those young athletes who go from sport to school to sport to homework and parents just needing a quick, nutritious snack to fuel you through.”

As well as providing nutritional products for children, Stephanie Rice is very active on Facebook, providing training advice and athlete’s perspective on how parents can best support their children in sport during training and competition. https://www.facebook.com/itsracerice/

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