Race Cycler Re-Launch a Big Success

If you don’t succeed the first time, just try again. That’s mindset of the company that has just re-launched it’s new, work from home business, Race Cycler. The simplicity of the model and the minimum efforts required could have wide appeal.

Miami, FL, USA – August 29th, 2014 /PressCable/

Race Cycler's initial launch planned for August 8th, only lasted a few hours before the payment servers crashed, due to an over-whelming flood of traffic. The re-launch this week however, was very successful. Both Paypal and Solid Trust Pay had expected high volumes of traffic for the launch in early August, but when 1,800 people per second tried to sign up, it proved to be to much for their payment systems to handle.

“We had no choice but to go off line until we could handle everything smoothly”, says Kent Brown, a key spokesman for the company. “You can think you're ready for every possible challenge and Paypal felt, they could handle all the traffic we anticipated, but as soon as we went live, we were blown away and overwhelmed with the incredible surge of traffic.” An additional payment processor, DCR Strategies has been added, so they are now ready to handle the expected high volume of traffic, over the next few weeks and months.

Cycling is new for some, but appears to an attractive option to many people as a business from home opportunity. Here briefly is how a cycler works. Someone is contacted by a friend and invited to consider an opportunity to make money from home. They want to sponsor them. So they decide to check it out, do their research and possibly decide to give it a try. They purchase the product, then click “recycle” to be on the board, it gets filled and one moves to the next board. One becomes eligible for cash payments as you complete a board and move to a next one.

Depending on the program or the size of the boards, the “cycling” can take a while or it can happen quickly. This cycler has been designed for speed and with so many people ready to enroll, it looks like it could happen fast.

Each cycler program has their own rules, but Race Cycler claims to be designed to be as user friendly as possible. A one-time payment of $230 USD is required and then the new member is expected to sponsor two people. This qualifies them to cycle and be in line for frequent payouts, as high as $2200. The program does not have monthly fees and once a person has sponsored their two people, they are done.

Anticipation and excitement has spread mostly through Facebook groups, conference calls and e-mails. Says Brown, “we've also connected with some amazing, highly successful leaders, ready to bring in thousands of people. Some have groups or down lines of 20,000, even 30,000 people located all over the world.”

It appears that the buzz about this company will continue to build, especially in online communities, as participants receive their debit cards and cash payments.

For more information go to: http://www.racecycler.com/u/kaya60

Contact Info:
Name: Allan Lea
Organization: Linda Vista Group
Website: http://www.racecycler.com/

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