R3 Sets the Pace on London’s Data Recovery Market

?With their new emergency recovery services, R3 Data Recovery aims to improve a previously slow and lacking industry in London.

London, United Kingdom – September 2nd, 2014 /PressCable/

With new technologies constantly underway to improve data storage for both smaller IT users and large companies, London's lagging data recovery market has become a grave issue that R3 sets out to solve through their newly launched emergency recovery service in the area.

Although many people still use regular IDE and SATA devices for storing their files, information and sensitive data, such as client databases or financial information, the recent surge in the number of IT devices with new types of storage – including RAID, SSD and flash memory – has left numerous data recovery companies in the dust.

Andy Butler, spokesperson for R3 Data Recovery has recently said: “We have received countless positive testimonials from people who had already visited two or three other IT service companies in the past. In many cases, the story was the same – the company was unable to suitably recover lost information from newer devices that behave and operate differently compared to older storage devices.”

In numerous cases, it seems that this problem has gone from bad to worse, and when it comes to data recovery, London, where a few days of delay in recovering vital information can lead to thousands or even millions of pounds lost by large corporations and small businesses alike, requires recovery companies to be even more proficient than anywhere else.

R3 Data Recovery has surprised most competitors and industry leaders by recently employing an emergency recovery service based on the use of a highly organized system and some of the best technological advancements in the industry. The company has already had numerous successes with regular internal and external hard drives – still the most popular storage devices available – but also with less commonly used servers and server arrays, as well as newer memory cards, SAN and NAS drives, and MAC storage.

Commenting on the somewhat surprising success that the company has achieved in these areas, Mr. Butler said: “The basic principles behind the data recovery process required for each type of device is very similar. A company that has good technology and expert workers will almost always achieve near 100% success in some of the most difficult projects.”

For most people requiring data recovery, London can be quite difficult to cope with, mainly due to the unreliable emergency services available. R3 Data Recovery aims to solve this problem as well, with their new emergency service which cuts turnaround times down to anything between 24 and 48 hours. Due to the efficiency of the company's technicians, as well as a streamlined system that allows for fast and easy communication between company representatives and customers, these target times are met quite faithfully in most cases. Testimonials from most R3 Data Recovery clients seem to reflect this fact, while also pointing out the efficient way in which the service can handle unforeseen challenges.

The future of London's data recovery industry seems to be in safe hands, R3 Data Recovery's background and past experience showing the company's ability in meeting even the most difficult deadlines.

About R3 Data Recovery

R3 Data Recovery is one of the UK's leading data recovery companies. Their services include state-of-the-art technology, as well as fast and well-organized methods designed to recover a higher percentage of lost data from damaged hard drives, flash media and tape devices. For more information on R3 Data Recovery's efforts in improving the London data retrieval industry, can visit http://london-datarecovery.com.

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