QuoteMyIns.Com is the NEW Website for Florida Insurance Agency Mutual Ins. Group

QUOTE MY INSURANCE powered by Mutual Insurance Group launches new web presence - QuoteMyIns.Com is an independent agent offering affordable coverage solutions for renters, homeowners, and business owners throughout Florida.

Miami, FL – Local Independent Insurance Agency – QUOTE MY INSURANCE powered by Mutual Insurance Group 15050 NW 79 Ct, Suite 104B, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (855) 609-2202 has teamed up with a local marketing agency to launch a new web presence – QuoteMyIns.Com. Although in its infant stage, the new website will be incorporating tools to allow residents anywhere in the state to shop for not only homeowners and business insurance but also auto insurance, life, and health! As an independent insurance agency, we represent many different insurance companies and offer various coverage options and price points. Our extensive and ever-growing portfolio of insurance underwriters offers consumers various options when policies for many Florida homeowners are going up, or they are getting dropped altogether.

Studies have shown that more often than not, dealing with an independent insurance agent like QUOTE MY INSURANCE powered by Mutual Insurance Group can result in significant savings than searching on your own. Consumers who take advantage of the connections, experience, and portfolio of underwriters offered by independent insurance agents get better value for their insurance dollar and ensure they get the proper coverage.

Why is this important? As Florida public adjuster Luis Cedre at (adpadjusters.com) said, “one of the most significant issues we see in Florida is people who don’t have enough coverage in the event of a catastrophe. Those that are not familiar with the jargon often encounter when purchasing homeowners or business insurance online should seek the counsel of an experienced agency like QUOTE MY INSURANCE powered by Mutual Insurance Group

Marketing and advertising for small insurance agencies in Florida targeting PPC keywords like “insurance agencies near me” can be challenging and expensive. When asked, Leo Gonzalez, a principal at QUOTE MY INSURANCE, said, “we asked many of our clients what they were doing as far as marketing and web presence. After seeing the result, some are getting, for example, Dr. Carmen Briceno Crespi at Lakes Orthodontics (Lakes-Ortho.Com), a leading orthodontist in Miami. We think that dealing with a small local agency that knows and understands the local market is vital.”

Quote My Insurance is looking to fill a gap in the insurance market at a time when Florida consumers are dealing with property insurance rate hikes, some as high as 20% to 50%, and the property insurance companies are dropping more than 50,000 homeowner policies. It is starting to look like independent insurance agents with a broad portfolio of underwriters is the best way to shop for property and business insurance, auto insurance, life, and health insurance in Florida.

For more information, please contact QUOTE MY INSURANCE powered by Mutual Insurance Group 15050 NW 79 Ct, Suite 104B, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (855) 609-2202, a Florida independent insurance agency powered by Mutual Insurance – License:

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