Quiz Funnel Builder Ryan Levesque Released Choose Book For Startup Entrepreneurs

The new book by Ryan Levesque "Choose" helps entrepreneurs avoid the single biggest mistakes when launching a business. It focusses on entrepreneurial opportunities related to selling expertise and education.

The Fortune 500 CEO of the Ask Method Company and a #1 best-selling author Ryan Levesque announced the release of a new book “Choose: The Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your Business”. The book is perfect for startup founders and first-time entrepreneurs. It features Ryan Levesque’s best advice on entrepreneurship and life.

More information can be found at https://choosethebook.com/secure/jps3-7d/.

The book features numerous case studies that equip readers with the necessary knowledge to reduce the margin of error when launching a new business. According to the author, entrepreneurs should clearly define who they would like to serve as this would be the foundation from which all other things are built. Levesque focuses on the importance of carefully choosing the business sector and the business model and making the right decisions from the very beginning.

“If you choose the wrong market, your business is destined to fail before you even begin,” writes Levesque in his new book “Choose” and adds “Brainstorming your business model also means brainstorming how to make the model work for you.”

“Choose” is full of immediately actionable insights into entrepreneurship, startups and online businesses. It helps entrepreneurs select their next business based upon solid reasons – giving a much greater chance of success.

Ryan Levesque’s first book “Ask” was named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year. It has taught readers how to increase their conversions and drive revenue.

Ryan Levesque and Elliott Pittman, an advertising strategist and marketing expert, are the creative minds behind the powerful software platform, called Bucket.io which enables users to build multi-step funnels featuring assessments, questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes. It helps entrepreneurs and marketing agencies to create custom remarketing and lookalike audiences based on pixel segmentation.

With the help of Bucket micro-commitment surveys, users can gradually win their prospects’ trust.

Interested parties can learn more about Ryan Levesque software platform Bucket by visiting https://bucket.io/2/ or grab a hardcover copy of “Choose”, plus the audiobook and other amazing bonuses for free at https://choosethebook.com/secure/jps3-7d/ .

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