Quit Smoking Hypnotherapists Launch New Site With Audio Downloads

Hypnosis by Professionals: Hypnosis by Professionals is a web-based series of hypnosis programs written and recorded by Ph.D professionals. https://hypnosisbyprofessionals.com/

Downloadable hypnosis audio tracks to help people quit smoking, manage stress and even lose weight

Dr. Joseph Agovino was first introduced to hypnotherapy over 45 years ago when he chose hypnosis to help him stop smoking. Dr. Kathryn Lawler has had surgery under hypnosis and used hypnosis to manage pain after joint replacement surgeries. Together the two have launched a new website, HypnosisByProfessionals.com, to bring hypnotherapy to people struggling with addictions, weight loss, stress and a wide variety of personal issues.

As a professional therapist with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 40 years in the field, Dr. Agovino was formerly with the Nassau Pain and Stress Center and the National Center for Hypnosis. In her private practice, Dr. Lawler specializes in phobia and panic disorders as well as smoking, weight, pain management and stress management. This skilled team of professionals have helped many people overcome their challenges and achieve positive results through hypnosis.

Their new initiative offers downloadable hypnosis programs for use by anyone struggling with personal issues. The range of programs available is constantly expanding and currently includes subjects like pain management, smoking cessation, general quiet time and stress management. “After retiring from private practice, many people have asked me to help them overcome their challenges and achieve positive results” said Dr. Joseph Agovino. He developed this website-based download program to make this service available to a larger number of people.

Between the two of them, they have decades of experience helping people to overcome challenges, enhance their life experiences and reach their goals. The therapy of hypnosis helps individuals accomplish their goals and overcome challenges in a safe, effective and timely manner. For more information on how hypnosis works and to browse the full list of downloadable audio tracks available, visit https://hypnosisbyprofessionals.com

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