Quincy Magic The Gathering RPG & Card Game Tournament Hobby Store Site Launched

Lucky Goblin Games, a hobby store based in Quincy, has launched a new site. It highlights the key features of the store and highlights how it offers a welcoming, friendly place for gamers to meet and enjoy their favorite games.

A new site has been launched for Lucky Goblin Games, the specialist RPG gaming and hobby store in Quincy, Massachusetts. It showcases the store itself, the gaming space available, and how it offers Quincy gamers a safe, enjoyable and spacious place to play Magic the Gathering and other board games.

More information can be found at: http://luckygoblingames.com

Lucky Goblin Games was created to help spread the joy of gaming. The company explains that gaming is truly a joy, and is about spending quality time with friends and family.

Through playing RPG games, board games and card games, players are able to explore new worlds, experience magic, fight monsters, and more. There’s nothing that compares to rolling a natural twenty, and sharing magic with loved ones.

Lucky Goblin Games believes that gaming is very important, and should be inclusive and accessible to anyone. It’s this principle that underscores every aspect of the gaming space at Lucky Goblin Games.

The store is a space that is welcoming to all local players and anyone visiting the area. The space honors the spirit and the joy of local community gaming and geek culture.

One the things that separates the Quincy gaming and hobby store from others in the Massachusetts area is that it truly is welcoming to all. Whether this means lifelong players, families with young children, kids playing Pokémon after school, or serious tournament gamers, everyone who wants to play is welcome.

The approachable, friendly gaming store has extra wide aisles and low shelves for people in wheelchairs. It also offers sturdy and comfy chairs and tables, healthy snacks and drinks, as well as classic game night fare.

The store is run by Seamus and Charlotte, who pride themselves on helping customers and gamers create new memories and escape from the world from time to time.

Lucky Goblin Games is their passion project, and the culmination of a dream they’ve fostered since long before they even met.

Full details of the store can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch to arrange games or ask for more information.

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