Quincy MA Sales Foundations/Skills Training – Management And Teams Launched

Sandler Training, at (781) 499-2030, and serving Quincy, MA, has launched Sales Training for every level from foundations to mastery, along with sales management and sales refresher training.

Sandler Training, serving Quincy, MA, has launched a multi-stage sales skills foundation and mastery program to help sales representatives exceed goals and expectations. In addition, they offer sales skill reinforcement training for veteran representatives and sales management training for leaders.

More information can be found at http://www.praxis.sandler.com

The Sandler Sales Foundations program and other courses that have launched will take learners through four stages of sales skill development: Bronze – Knowledge, Silver- Application, Gold – Skills, and finally, Master Certification.

Sales has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Detailed information about a product, service, or technology is readily available on the internet. Buyers have typically already comparison shopped online before ever contacting a representative.

The Sandler Sales Foundations program addresses these changes. Participants will learn the proven Sandler Selling System and understand how to build rapport, control the conversation, and ask better questions.

They will also see how to uncover the prospect’s motivation and budget and understand how buyers make decisions. Communication is vital to sales performance, and participants will learn how to give better presentations that lead to increased sales.

There are nine one-and-a-half-hour virtual sessions over a 5-week period that lead to Bronze Certification. Other courses will follow to lead participants to Master Certification. Potential students can visit an existing class to experience this training.

In addition to sales skills, Sandler Training offers training specifically for sales management. Managers will learn how to develop and grow productive teams. They will also learn how to build a culture of accountability and effectively manage their time and territories,

They have individual courses available for specific skill development, such as No Pressure Prospecting, Negotiating Mastery, and Social Selling Success, along with specialized selling and inbound sales training.

Sandler Training desires to empower organizations enterprise-wide, so they offer Leadership Training and Professional Development courses. All programs can be customized to meet the needs of a particular company.

Sandler Training was founded in 1967 by David Sandler and is now led by David H. Mattson, President and CEO. With over 50 years of leading organizations through growth and change, this company can be relied on to deliver straightforward, realistic, immediately applicable training that will produce results.

Interested parties can find further details at http://www.praxis.sandler.com

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