Queensland Healthcare Diabetes Education & Heart Information Site Launched

“Your Health Now”, a Queensland based company for empowering people with their healthcare, has launched a new site. It offers education on diabetes, heart health, and more.

A new site has been launched for “Your Health Now”, the go to resource for health education, personal growth, and empowerment. Run by Dr Merryn Thomae and Laura Zimmerman, who have over 40 years of combined experience, it offers online educational resources to inspire people to choose health on their terms.

More information can be found at: https://yourhealthnow.com.au

“Your Health Now” provides interested parties with a range of video courses online educational pieces, and more with a focus on diabetes, heart health, chronic health conditions, and wellness.

Anyone can sign up through the URL above to join Laura and Merryn’s online community and educate themselves on the above topics. “Your Health Now” is an online resource for health education, personal growth and empowerment and is a one stop shop for information on the topics.

Dr Merryn Thomas is committed to providing a holistic approach to healthcare, and her interests include complex, chronic illness, presentations, diagnostic dilemmas, general endocrinology and more.

Laura Zimmerman is passionate about improving people’s access to the best in health and wellness services. She specializes in all aspects of diabetes management, cardiac rehabilitation, and chronic disease management.

On the education resources store, interested parties will find a variety of courses, including “Future Proof Your Diabetes”, a complete video series in four parts.

The first part focuses on the correct diagnosis of diabetes, and sees Laura and Merryn taking the viewer through the different types of diabetes. It provides people with the tools to confidently ask their healthcare team whether or not their diagnosis is correct.

In the second part, it focuses on the current medication treatments for diabetes. It highlights the old treatments, the new, and those that are soon to hit the market.

Other parts of the course include technology that can help people to live with diabetes, showing the tools that are revolutionizing the impact diabetes has on lifestyle.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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