Queens In-Home K-12 Math Tutors Personalized Private Tutoring Service Launched

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A New York-based learning provider, RJB Tutoring (347-467-0558), has launched a private math tutoring service for K-12 students in the Queens & Nassau County, NY area. It can help students who fell behind because of the pandemic catch up in their studies.

RJB Tutoring, an academic services provider in New York, has announced the launch of its private math tutoring service for students in all school grades, from kindergarten to 12th grade. The service is particularly suitable for third- to eighth-graders, as they tend to struggle the most owing to the growing complexity of topics at these levels.

More information is available at https://www.rjbtutoring.com

The newly announced service offers students a convenient means to learn from certified teachers who are experts in various areas of mathematics. In addition to tutors with general math knowledge, the company employs specialists who can help students with specific topics like algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus.

According to the company, each tutor is meticulously vetted, so both parents and students can be assured of their knowledge and professionalism. Parents will be furnished with the tutor’s resume and background before their meeting.

The company’s teaching process starts with a consultation to determine the child’s needs. Afterward, the right subject expert will be identified to work with the student in their home or online.

Parents can choose from an assortment of plans, starting with the base plan that guarantees 12 hours of tutoring. More premium plans that offer more teaching time and lower per-hour rates are also available. Additionally, parents can also take advantage of the company’s pay-as-you-go option if they require fewer sessions.

As of this writing, save up to 30% on all packages for RJB Tutoring Services. Students will also receive an additional free hour of tutoring on top of the plan they signed up for.

RJB Tutoring’s services are timely because many students in the USA are falling behind in their studies, according to a number of sources. K-12 resource EdScoop reported recently that 43% of tutors believe that students are suffering from learning loss due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. It added that this issue resulted in “heightened demand” for tutors in certain difficult subjects like math.

“It is important for parents to get help for their children when they are struggling with math; before their child falls too far behind and becomes overwhelmed,” RJB Tutoring advised on its website.

Interested parents who want to enroll their child are encouraged to visit https://www.rjbtutoring.com for further details.

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