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The attorneys at The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny located in New York City are equipped with years of experience and the knowledge to deal with cases that are related to construction

The New York City skyline has always been a height to behold. Its vastness can be attributed to the plethora of buildings the city has. The intensive labor that goes into the making of these buildings is massive. Working at a construction site is one of the most accident-prone environments and always poses a risk factor. From the heavy machinery to dangerous heights, a million things could happen on the site. And when they do, one should understand the next steps to take ahead of time,

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny, located in New York City understands the dangers faced everyday in the construction site and its surrounding vicinity. Armed with decades of experience, the attorneys at the firm have every resource available in dealing with cases regarding construction site accidents and injuries.Founder and managing partner Richard M. Kenny used to work in construction so has first-hand experience on the risks in the field. This gives his law firm the edge and the proper knowledge and resources to handle these cases precisely. Whether for oneself or for a loved one, The Law Office of Richard M. Kennedy can be contacted for a free consultation at https://www.rmkinjurylaw.com/ or by phone at 866-749-7815.

Construction workers account for almost 30% of all work-related deaths in New York City, even if their workforce comprises only 5% of the total workforce. Common types of construction injuries that can lead to fatalities include job-site explosions, construction site falls, crane accidents, debris, scaffolding collapses, ironworker accidents, ladder collapses, trench cave-ins, unsafe property conditions, crush accidents, electric shock, and supervisor negligence. These types of cases can be very complex because the problem has to be analyzed to its very core. When faced with a construction-related case, the compensation one receives will depend on the circumstances of the accident or injury. In most cases, workers will have all medical expenses and lost wages covered by the company. However, the situation might be more complicated if there are instances of acts of negligence or if a bystander is involved, wherein further charges can be filed against the parties liable.

Richard M. Kenny and his team of veteran attorneys in construction accidents review their clients’ cases very accurately and will review all options available in getting the financial compensation for the damages caused. With a personal background in construction, having worked there when he was in law school, Richard M. Kenny knows how to properly handle these particular cases and succeed in acquiring proper compensation for his clients. And their loved ones. A review from Peter M. stated “When I was injured in a construction accident, I immediately contacted Rich Kenny. His office handled every aspect of my case with the utmost professionalism. Every member of the office knew me personally. I was not just a file number. In the end, I received a settlement far in excess of what I could have expected. I definitely recommend the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny to all my friends and loved ones.”

More than half of construction related accidents can be attributed to company negligence whether through safety measures or faulty equipment. Even minor missed inspections can have grave effects, even more so on the victim. Aside from costs on medical expenses, there are still many things to consider such as financial hardships on the family, loss of wage, and even permanent disability. And while these incidents can be very tragic and cause a lot of problems, it is comforting to have a seasoned group of lawyers working the clock on the case.

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