Quebec Laser Marking For Manufacturing Auto & Metal Industry Site Launched

A new site has been launched by Quebec based manufacturing machine design and laser engraving experts, Laserax. It showcases the marking solutions the team can provide for local businesses.

A leading Quebec based industrial laser marking and cleaning service provider has launched a new site showcasing the services it can offer local customers. Laserax specializes in the development, fabrication and commercialization of industrial inline laser solutions.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Laserax offers customers specially designed machines and systems that have been designed for ladder marking and cleaning applications. These meet the need for tracking and traceability in both the automotive and metals industries.

One of the key benefits of working with Laserax is that they have developed the highest quality laser marking machines that can fully meet the needs for traceability without consumables.

Laser marking occurs at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, and allows parts to be tracked as soon as they’re created. Laser marked pieces are therefore fully traceable throughout the production process.

One of the most important factors in the process is therefore ensuring that the markings are resistant, because each part will undergo further processing. With Laserax, the machines ensure that parts are resistant to different surface treatments, like e-coating, chromate coating, and shot blasting.

Each machine offered by Laserax has been designed with specific needs in mind. Automotive industry customers will find the Open Air Laser Marking Machine, the Rotary Table Marking Workstation, and the Automated Rotary Table Marking Machine.

Machines for the primary metal industry include the Conveyor On The Fly Laser Marking Machine and the Conveyor Static Laser Marking Machine. Whether parts need to be held by a robot, moved on a conveyor, or carried by an operator, Laserax has a solution for every need.

The company states: “Laser marking is essential to ensure the traceability of manufactured parts. It is an integrated step in the manufacturing process that must be performed on each and every part without slowing down the production pace. Laser marking must be fast and efficient without stopping or requiring maintenance.”

They add: “Based on these requirements, Laserax has developed its inline laser marking machines, which are the fastest on the market and the most efficient in a harsh environment.”

Full details of the services available can be found on the URL above.

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