Quebec Disability Tax Credit Calculator And Application Services Launched

The Mount Royal Based Canada Benefit Group has launched a new disability tax credit calculator tool to help Canadians see if they are eligible to claim a disability tax credit

The Quebec-based Canada Benefit Group has announced the launch of a new and easy online tool to help Canadians check if they can claim a disability tax credit. The company currently provides informational services to individuals regarding eligibility and application for various benefits.

More information about the Canada Benefit Group can be found at

Recent statistics published show that more than 5.3 million Canadians (almost 16% of the population) are living with some form of disability with over 200,000 being children and youths.

But while Canada has a robust benefits system, a large percentage of Canadians report being unaware of eligibility or confused by the long and detailed application process.

To streamline the process, the Canada Benefit Group has created a very simple online tool to help individuals understand if they are eligible for a disability tax credit and, if eligible, help with the application.

The Canada Benefit Group also provides a range of other services related to benefits and rebates, including consultations, tax analysis, medical analysis, application management, customer support, doctor support, application submissions, reassessments, CRA follow-ups and more.

According to a spokesperson for Canada Benefit Group, “We discovered that literally thousands of Canadians were eligible for various Government benefits but we’re completely unaware. After a little more research, we discovered that one of these benefits – the Disability Tax Credit – could be life-changing as it could be claimed retroactively up to 10 years in the past. What was the problem? The application process was overly complicated. Many Doctors and accountants were unclear on the eligibility criteria. Government agents were not very helpful over the phone. People who should have been eligible were getting denied. It was time to change all this! The Canada Benefit Group was born.”

The Canada Benefit Group is headquartered in Mount Royal and serves customers across Canada. More information is available over the phone at +1-888-511-2250 and at the URL above.

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