Qube Media Announces The Best Real Estate Newsletters & How To Get Seller Leads

Qube Media Releases The Best Real Estate Newsletter Templates & Email Scripts To Maximise Home Sales. Also Released How To Get Home Seller Leads Automatically.

Qube Media is celebrating the launch of two new products built and tested specifically for real estate agencies. Qube Media are experts in the real estate marketing field and have honed this skill to get the best possible results from helping many clients all over the world with everything from getting seller leads, to automating the follow up and acquiring new hot buyer leads. The team at Qube Media have over a decade of experience in sales and marketing with specific experience in the real estate industry, this unique combination makes Qube Media second to none when it comes to marketing online for real estate agents.

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After speaking with many agents the team at Qube Media identified the two most effective strategies available to realtors at the lowest cost. With that in mind many agents get leads in but struggle to follow up effectively by building relationships and trust with their prospects. With advertising budgets taking a hit for now one of the most powerful things that can be done is effectively maximising an agents current database with a 4 step approach of building desire, educating them, building trust and showing authority and expertise in the agents area. These 4 things are fundamental in making sure when a buyer or seller is ready they remain loyal and get in touch. This is why Real estate newsletter templates with a proven effective strategy are a must.

As we enter a global recession getting good listings should be a key focus for agents at the moment. There are always cash buyers ready to snap up a good deal getting those good deals on an exclusive basis is one way to ensure success during times like this, with owners getting harder to get a hold of and meet in person, strategically advertising in specific areas with the properties that sell quickly the way to go


Qube Media has put together everything that is needed to maximise results including templates and proven methods that anyone can follow.

Malcolm, founder of Qube Media said: “This is the time to be pro active, industries change the most during recessions and companies are forced to innovate and use only effective marketing strategies, we have put together systems that have been tested in the real world and they work”

Qube Media has made a point of mastering strategies that are specific to the real estate industry to provide the best marketing solutions for real estate agencies. After all selling real estate is not easy in most cases it is the biggest decision a person can make the marketing strategies for most products are completely wrong for this industry and understanding that is a key factor in why the system Qube have built are so effective.

Jonathon the products manager at Qube said: “Now is the time people should be taking good look at their business and cutting all the things that are ineffective and maximising the most powerful strategies available, a lot of people will be going out of business and those who adapt survive.”

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