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For affordable and high-quality cremation services in and near East New York, New York, please contact the Caribe Funeral Home. More information about the valued cremation services provided by the Caribe Funeral Home can be found at http://www.caribefuneral.com/cremation-services-brooklyn-ny.

More families are choosing to cremate their loved ones after they pass away. Concern for the environment, the lesser cost and the desire for simplicity have contributed to this trend. At the Caribe Funeral Home, the funeral directors provide families with choices of a direct cremation, a funeral service followed by a cremation or a cremation with a memorial gathering afterward. In each case, they coordinate with the crematory to handle the decedent’s remains. They feel privileged to provide cremation options to the East New York, New York area. For further details about the cremation services offered by the Caribe Funeral Home, please visit http://www.caribefuneral.com/cremation-services-br….

When a family decides upon a direct or immediate cremation, there is no ceremony attached. Generally, the funeral directors of the Caribe Funeral Home arrange for the transport of the remains of the loved one directly to the crematorium. If it is the family’s wish, the funeral directors can arrange for families to see their loved ones at the funeral home’s facilities prior to being moved to the crematory. If brought to the Caribe Funeral Home, they keep the deceased long enough to secure the cremation permit and the death certificate. They provide each family with an official copy of the death certificate obtained from the city.

It is recommended that a family choosing to cremate its loved one also provide for a funeral or memorial service to help the healing process begin. When a family chooses to have a funeral service precede the cremation, it has nearly all the choices that it would have had it decided upon a traditional burial. The family can decide to have an open or closed casket wake before the funeral to allow relatives and friends to visit with the deceased before he or she is cremated. In this situation, the deceased will be serviced in the same manner as if a traditional burial had been selected, except that the loved one will be held in either a cremation or rental casket.

As an alternative, a family may choose to have a cremation performed and then hold a memorial ceremony after it is done. Many churches allow the urn to be present at the memorial service or memorial mass and this will provide the opportunity for family and friends to publicly grieve for the departed and support one another at this time of great sadness.

The funeral directors of the Caribe Funeral Home offer many options to celebrate the life that has been lost, including setting up a memory table where pictures of the deceased and mementos can be placed. The urn itself accompanied by a recent photograph of the person who has passed away can be exhibited there. A memory book can also be composed with the assistance of friends and relatives. A reflection book can be put out so that visitors can write down their favorite memories of the loved one.

The location of the service or ceremony can be themed in such a manner so as to highlight what was important to the deceased. A family can choose to represent what the loved one will be most remembered for, be it a hobby, lifestyle, devotion to God or some other quality. This can be accomplished through the choices of locale, decor and music.

Cremated remains should be handled with the same amount of respect as a body in its casket, therefore many families choose to contain their loved ones’ ashes in decorative urns. The family’s choice of urn can also help to make the ceremony for the departed more special. A personalized urn can be created by having it engraved or by purchasing one designed in a specific shape or image. A family may choose to have the urn of a military veteran feature adornments that reflect his or her service.

Whatever choice of cremation options a family decides upon, the funeral directors of the Caribe Funeral Home hope it will allow them to deliver their dignified and professional service.

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