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A new article, highlighting the ten unique qualities that attract women to men, has been released by Real Online Dates. The site helps both men and women to have successful relationships.

Real Online Dates has launched a new guide to help women attract men into their lives. It features information on the 10 unique qualities that men find attractive in women.

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The newly launched article opens by highlighting the fact that beauty is one of the many qualities that attract men to women. It noted that even though people come in different shapes and sizes and everyone has his/her own preference, there are some specific qualities that make a woman more attractive to a man.

The first of the ten qualities highlighted by the guide is that of not wearing too much makeup. It noted that men find women who wear little makeup to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Next, the article noted that men find women who display self-confidence to be attractive. Men, it stated, love and appreciate a woman who is more self-driven, accepts herself for who she is, and prioritizes her happiness.

Intelligence is another top quality, according to the article, that makes some women stand out from others in the sight of men. It pointed out that while a number of women believe that brainpower is a threat to men, it is the exact opposite.

Men also seek out the quality of kindness in a woman. According to the guide, a woman should learn to treat a man and keep him in a corner that even he himself appreciates.

The fifth quality in a woman that attracts them to a man is that of giving him the opportunity to show off his masculinity. This includes soliciting his help to fix a broken piece of furniture or allowing him to display his protective skills.

Other traits listed in the article include being opinionated without being judgmental and having a sense of humor. Being genuinely happy and standing out from the crowd are also highlighted as qualities that attract women to men.

Statistics show that, in the U.S., approximately six-in-ten individuals who tried online dating have reported positive experiences with the platforms. These statistics also reveal that 54% of Americans have opined that relationships that begin on dating sites are as equally successful as in-person relationships.

Apart from helping women to be more attractive to men, Real Online Dating also features other articles pertaining to relationships. True to its name, the site helps both men and women with various dating and relationship issues, particularly related to online dating.

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