Quad Cities Online Telemedicine Walk In Clinic Urgent Care Service Launched

Amana Care Clinic, a walk-in urgent care health clinic, has launched a new telemedicine service. Patients can now reserve an online medical visit with a doctor or nurse and stay safe at home.

The Amana Care Walk-in Clinic in Davenport, Iowa, has launched an upgraded telemedicine service to help people in need of health care during the current pandemic. Patients now do not need a physical visit to the clinic as the medical services are offered online for increased safety.

More information is available at https://www.amanacareclinic.com

The current pandemic has changed the way most businesses offer their services. To ensure the safety of clients, business owners have explored online solutions in their day-to-day operations with the same quality as they would have in the physical world. Placing the utmost emphasis on patients’ health, the Amana Care Clinic has also added an online visit solution to their medical services.

Located in Davenport, it is a walk-in urgent care clinic that does not require an appointment prior to the visit. Their certified and caring staff give quality care to diagnose and treat patients with urgent care needs in a timely manner.

They have adjusted their services to the current conditions to make sure their patients and staff stay safe. Through this new service, they have eliminated the need to be physically present in the clinic to receive medical care. Patients can now visit a physician or nurse from the comfort and safety of their own homes. These telemedicine visits mean less waiting time and more care for patients.

Those patients who do need a physical visit to the clinic can reserve their appointments online instead of driving to the clinic. This way, they do not need to wait and receive fast medical services. To receive in-office care, they need to be pre-screened and wear a mask during the visit as a part of prevention protocols.

Their website, https://www.amanacareclinic.com, has also added a new feature to raise awareness about the current pandemic. They have provided free resources available for download, near the bottom of their website. Additional information has been added to the top of the site on how to visit the clinic safely.

For more information, please visit, https://www.facebook.com/amanacareclinic

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