Python for Beginners – Newtum Academy Launches Best Certification Courses Online

Newtum has launched their new Python online coding course, designed in a way that can be useful to people of all ages and skill levels.

The recently created Newtum Academy allows students to learn Python asynchronously, through a series of courses and webinars that can be completed at the student’s own pace. The courses cover everything from the absolute basics of coding, all the way up to specialized field applications for professionals.

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The Academy has been created to fill the need for an intuitive, end-to-end coding course that does not require students to leave their homes or tune in at any specific time. Traditionally, courses like this one may have required registration at a community college or equivalent institution in order to get full certification, but thanks to Newtum, that is no longer the case.

This launch also coincides with a recent study, which found that nearly 20% of all newly created “career track” positions required at least some coding experience in 2020. Additionally, coding jobs as a whole are growing at nearly twice the rate of the overall job market, meaning that figure is only going to get higher in the future.

Newtum recognizes the importance of starting children down the coding path, even offering a specialized course selection targeted to a younger audience. These courses also allow students to book 1-on-1 instructional sessions with Newtum’s qualified faculty, allowing for better retention and implementation.

The Academy is also staying on the cutting edge of coding which will help the students in learning the basics of Python programming and advanced level concepts. Other newly updated courses include AI development and machine learning protocol creation.

These courses are available on all platforms and can be taken from anywhere, at any time. Students are even allowed up to ten free retakes to fully grasp the concepts presented. On top of this, the industry professionals behind Newtum are available on standby to help with any comprehension or technical issues. A few of the courses they offer include Python Course For Beginners, Advanced Python Courses, etc, and they also offer Python Certification Programs.

Newtum’s courses are designed by coders with extensive industry experience and have tailored the information so that students learn the most up-to-date, relevant versions of the Python system. These instructors are committed to ensuring that Newtum students are able to find success in their coding endeavors by fostering a healthy online learning environment.

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