Puyallup WA Personal Nursing Care – Flexible Bathing/Dressing Services Launched

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As more senior citizens consider the advantages of aging in place, Federal Way, Washington-based Hyatt Home Care Services (206-851-5277) launches updates to its personal nursing care offerings.

The company now provides residents in Puyallup, Bellevue, Lakewood, and surrounding communities with flexible levels of care depending on individual circumstances and needs.

More details can be found at: https://hyatthomecare.net

While aging in place offers several distinct benefits, older citizens often require specialized assistance to maintain dignity and quality of life. The provider’s latest personal nursing care solutions can help with bathing, eating, dressing, and grooming, with both hourly and round-the-clock support available.

Statistics from the AARP indicate that almost 90% of American adults aged over 65 want to remain in their own home during the latter years of life. Along with the familiarity and comfort this entails, seniors state that it also gives them a greater sense of independence.

In addition, moving to a senior care living facility is often beyond the financial means of many older residents or their families. Hyatt Home Care Services now provides in-home solutions that are both financially viable and provide assistance to family support networks.

The center recognizes that each client has a unique set of circumstances that requires a specific level of support. For those reasons, personal nursing services can now be individually tailored. The degree of assistance now offered may vary from daily visits all the way up to comprehensive, 24/7 in-home care.

As with the amount of time nursing staff spend with clients, the services offered may also be specified. As an indication, daily visits may include assistance with ablutions, dressing, and meals. The company cites the comfort and reassurance of having a familiar face in the home each day as additional benefits.

Health-related care is another common requirement, and staff are also able to provide a range of therapeutic and administrative support. Examples include physical therapy, speech therapy, and help for stroke victims. Furthermore, nursing care providers can also manage appointments with physicians, as well as giving medication reminders.

Hyatt Home Care Services understands that aging in place is important for preserving the dignity and independence of elderly citizens. With the latest announcement, the company also demonstrates its awareness that flexibility is key, and the updated services are designed to offer a solution to every need.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting: https://hyatthomecare.net

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