Push Button Ecom David Kirby 2017 Ecommerce Marketing Analysis Tool Launched

Push Button Ecom, an e-commerce optimization tool, was officially launched. Developed by experienced marketer David Kirby, the software allows users to find promising niches and best-selling products, thus increasing their e-commerce success.

Professional digital marketer and software developer David Kirby announced the launch of Push Button Ecom, an online app allowing users to optimize their e-commerce stores by undertaking extensive market analysis. For improved efficiency, Push Button Ecom also comes with a full range of video tutorials.

More information can be found at http://muncheye.com/david-kirby-et-al-push-button-ecom.

Online shopping has grown considerably in recent years, with more and more consumers using the internet to shop for various products. Surveys show that more than 96% of all Americans with an internet connection have shopped online at least once, with more than half of them saying that they prefer online to offline shopping.

This increased interest has led to many e-commerce stores being launched in recent years. While giants like Amazon and e-Bay still account for a considerable portion of the market, smaller e-commerce stores are also becoming increasingly successful.

Push Button Ecom was created to help e-commerce store owners implement effective marketing strategies by finding the most profitable niches and products and undertaking an extensive study of their potential competition.

The tool was designed for high accessibility, requiring no previous marketing or e-commerce experience, thus making it ideal for both new and experienced e-commerce owners or marketers.

Using the niche provided by the user, Push Button Ecom performs a deep market analysis to find the size of the audience for that specific niche. Users can then find the most profitable keywords related to that market sector, as well as the products that offer the largest profits.

By comparing the various keywords and products, Push Button Ecom users can gather ideas for their own e-stores.

Furthermore, the app features a “Competitors Spy” function allowing users to find successful stores in their target niche and use that information to optimize their own stores.

A collection of free video tutorials is also provided.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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