Purposeful Communication Leadership Skills Online Training Course Launched

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Communications training company, ADVO Group Inc., launched their newest virtual training course titled “Foundations of Kinection”. The course teaches customers to apply the principles of acting in real-world communication scenarios.

ADVO Group Inc., a communications training company, launched their “Foundations of Kinection” virtual learning course. The company has designed this course to help customers improve their abilities to communicate, connect, and lead in a variety of settings.

More information can be found at https://advoacademy.thinkific.com/pages/coming_soon

The latest launch highlights the benefits of enrolling in an ADVO Academy course. As the first virtual offering from the ADVO Academy, the “Foundations of Kinection” course will enhance customer’s communication skills through a series of 30, 3-minute “snackable” instructional videos. These videos will teach users the essential skills to improve their overall communication skills.

The information learned from the Foundations of Kinection course will teach skills that are widely applicable to any communications-type situation. This makes the course valuable to customers from all backgrounds. Prior customers of ADVO group have included members of law firms, hospital administrators, university employees, biotech corporation executives, and individual thought leaders.

The 30-part series approaches learning through 3 basic steps. First, the courses explain the principles of Kinection. Then, customers are encouraged to explore principle-based tools to improve their impact. Finally, customers are taught how to translate the tools they have gained into new, lasting, behaviors for their everyday communication needs.

The company is offering the virtual “Foundations of Kinection” course at a discounted price at the beginning of 2021. The course promotes communication in a fun, learn-by-doing environment.

The course breaks down complex communication ideas into tangible steps that can then be applied to day-to-day life. Past customers have reported that instruction from ADVO group has helped with presentation skills in a variety of academic and professional settings, and helped them to break bad habits while developing new effective ones. Visit https://www.advogroupinc.com for more information.

Using fun, outside the box training, the course aims to improve customer’s communication skills by moving people on a deeper human level. By learning how to more effectively communicate a point of view, customers can better teach, sell to, connect with, and reach their audiences.

ADVO Group was founded by Yale School of Drama trained actors, Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, who shared an interest in translating the knowledge they learned on-stage into actionable advice for real-world communication. Using decades of combined experience, ADVO has successfully translated the principles of acting into real-world communication techniques and skills that can be applied in many environments.

A satisfied customer of the company said: “ADVO group helped me to find my voice and to say what I needed to say with confidence and impact. Their coaching was empowering and invaluable during my job search.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the websites above, as well as at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYXoNHExQ8c&ab_channel=ADVOgroupINC.-ExecutiveCoachingandLeadershipDevelopment

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