PurpleFruit Expanding Its Services To Reach The Whole Of Surrey

PurpleFruit releases information on how its team of geeks has grown so we can help more businesses in Surrey achieve Digital Marketing Success, and remain on the front page of Google. Further information can be found at www.purplefruit.co.uk.

Earlier today, Digital Marketing Agency, PurpleFruit announced the continued growth of its team of geeks that now enables them to assist businesses in the whole of Surrey. The team of geeks has been expanded so PurpleFruit can help more businesses with SEO Surrey, and achieve digital marketing success, helping them remain on the front page of Google. For businesses with even a slight interest in the world of digital marketing, this new development will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to bring a new dimension for SEO Surrey.

Currently, all businessmen will notice other SEO agencies like to generate fast results with no staying power; at PurpleFruit they target keywords so clients can not only increase traffic, but will increase conversion rates, in-turn leading to more profit for businesses. The Director at PurpleFruit, Mark Hawkshaw-Burn, makes a point of saying “Things are going to change now. With more geeks in-house it enables the company to cater to the whole of Surrey. Our objective is to help more businesses in Surrey achieve digital marketing success. More businesses will remain on the front page of Google which will lead to increased revenues and profitability”.

Mark Hawkshaw-Burn continues, “Where one will always see competitors doing the same old thing, the geeks will take the time to truly understand the clients business niche and create the perfect target avatar. Spending the time to listen to clients goals and objectives, as well as carrying out detailed analysis, the PurpleFruit geeks co-create a perfect strategy with clients, resulting in continued expansion and growth. At PurpleFruit the whole team is passionate about the work they do which is reflected in the end results that are achieved for clients. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to customers because of a larger team of geeks, that offer an impressive range of skill sets. They are experts in many areas, and each is dedicated and passionate in assisting clients realize their true online potential.”

PurpleFruit was established in 2012. It has been helping businesses achieve SEO success for the past 4 years and has always aimed to extend it’s services to clients across the whole country and beyond, offering high quality services with realistic pricing.

It’s important to note that successful digital marketing is a marathon not a sprint. In order to reach page one of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) and to stay there, it is all about carefully targeting relevant keywords. PurpleFruit improves on this by bringing together a team of geeks that excel in their own unique niche. By combining their resources the client benefits from a hands on and personal approach, that delivers clear and concise results.

Once again, the continued growth now enables PurpleFruit to cater for all SEO Surrey businesses. The team of geeks has grown so they can help more businesses in Surrey achieve Digital Marketing Success, and remain on the front page of Google. The extended service is set to launch 16th June 2016. To find out more, the place to visit is www.purplefruit.co.uk

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