Purified Whole House Water Can Boost Immune System & Fight Covid-19 Outbreak

The Water Doctor is currently reducing the cost of whole home installations during the Covid-19 outbreak to help people strengthen their immune systems

The Water Doctor of Florida, headquartered in Delray Beach has been helping families filter and purify the drinking and bathing water in their homes for over three decades. Currently due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak The Water Doctor is offering 10% off all new installations.

For those unaware there are many benefits of installing clean, purified, whole house water filtration systems. One of the primary benefits is water that the chlorine and fluoride found in so many people’s home drinking water will be eliminated.

These chemicals such as chlorine do no favors for the body’s immune system. Right now besides practicing “social distancing” to help slow the rate at which this virus spreads, people should also do everything they can to boost their immune systems to protect themselves as much as possible in the event the virus is contracted.

Protecting and boosting one’s immune system should be top priority right now. This can be accomplished in a number of ways such as: light exercise, healthy diet, supplemental vitamins, restful sleep, sunshine, and staying hydrated. But not only staying hydrated but making sure one is staying hydrated with clean, healthy water. Not tap water filled with chlorine that requires the immune systems help, when it should be fully prepared in the event Covid-19 is contracted.

This is particularly beneficial in much of South Florida, which has a large percentage of it’s population falling into the demographic of being over 60 years old and a higher risk of death or severe complications from this strain of coronavirus.

In addition to the benefit of purified water and how it can help the immune system there are other benefits as well. The taste for one, most people have no idea what truly clean water running through their homes tastes like. In addition to taste there is also the cost factor, many people who opt to drink bottled water will spend far more over time buying bottled water than they would installing a whole home water purification system. Another benefit is eco-friendliness, most of those plastic water bottles end up in a huge pile of trash in the middle of the ocean. By cutting them out of your life you’re helping to curb the climate change crisis.

So for any South Florida residents eager to do all they can to protect their immune systems now and moving forward, contact The Water Doctor to get a Free Water Test and an additional 10% off a new installation.

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