Purebred German Shepherd Puppies West Showline Pups Dogs For Sale Announced

The Chicago purebred German Shepherd breeder Vom Ragnar, available at 815 245-0923, has a new litter of purebred puppies for sale with obedience and protection training.

The Chicago, Illinois West German Shepherd breeder Vom Ragnar has a new litter of cute, healthy purebred puppies available for sale with award winning obedience and personal protection training.

More information is available at https://vomragnar.com.

Vom Ragnar is one of the top purebred German Shepherd breeders in the country and the one most turn to when they want healthy, purebred world champion show dogs, protective companions or a best friend to hang out with the kids.

For all those who are looking to add a new puppy to the family, the kennel announced it has a new litter of healthy, cute puppies, all bred from world class West German Showline dogs, available for sale.

The puppies include cute males and females born and bred to SV standards in a loving home environment with other dogs and children, no puppy mills, healthy organic food, a lot of room to run and the medical care of the owner and vet, Natalya Babenko.

And they are provided to the family with the medical certificates, health warranties and fair pricing that made Vom Ragnar one of the most trusted and coveted German Shepherd breeders in Chicago and around the country.

For added convenience and peace of mind, the kennel is also offering families a spot in their coveted basic obedience or personal protection training classes and ongoing tips or assistance by its trainers and AKC, IPO and Schutzhund registered staff.

This ensures the families get a healthy, happy puppy that is well socialized, easy to communicate with and ready to fit into their home or lifestyle right away and who will be well mannered or ready to step in and protect the kids and the house, when needed.

The team at Vom Ragnar explains “breeding purebred West German Showline German Shepherds is really our passion and that explains the health and happiness on display in every puppy that leaves our kennel.”

To see these new puppies, talk to the team at Vom Ragnar and find out more about the dog training they are offering, the public can call 815 245-0923, visit their go to their website at the link provided above.

Interested parties can find out more about Vom Ragnar’s’ reputation can visit website above or below links:


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