Pure-Wave CM7 Hand Held Massager To Relieve Neck & Muscle Pain Review Released

Relieving muscle soreness, the Pure-Wave CM7 review, released by Connecticut-based Get Neck Massager, a wellness specialist, notes the device is ideal for anyone suffering from body tightness.

Windsor, Connecticut-based Get Neck Massager, a massage therapy specialist, has released a report on the Pure-Wave CM7. Described as the ultimate muscle tension reliever and replicator of hand massages, the Pure-Wave CM7 is a handheld massager that is ideal for relieving muscle tension at home. As a result, this light-weight machine relaxes and reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, and reduces stress.

More information is available at https://getneckmassager.com/pure-wave-cm7-massager-review.

Recently released, the Pure-Wave CM7 report defines the product features as being versatile with interchangeable massage heads, variable speed settings, and a rechargeable battery making the device cordless, so it reaches those hard-to-get-to places on the body with ease. Classified as a well-thought out product, many users of the Pure-Wave CM7 say that they like several attachments with the most popular being the deep tissue, six-head, and scalp attachments.

Relieving stress, tension and muscle soreness, the Pure-Wave CM7 report notes that the device is ideal for anyone suffering from body tightness – office workers, moms and dads, construction and outdoor workers, and executives. Plus, the Pure-Wave CM7’s size makes it ideal for travel, with its small enough to slip into a suitcase.

Also highlighting the Pure-Wave CM7’s use of design and technology, the report notes that this massager is sleek with a slim body design that increases the devices portability. In addition, the device has a motor that runs at speeds of 3700 RPM, with micro-vibrations of up to 10,000 RPM. The motor speed is also adjustable to suit the area of massage and intensity desired.

Overall, the Pure-Wave CM7 report notes that the product has many benefits such as releasing trigger points, increasing blood flow and improving range of motion. Other benefits include loosening muscle knots, relieving pain and stopping muscle spasms.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon after more than 250 reviews, the Pure-Wave CM7 is a crowd pleaser. As one customer said, “This is a really great product. I’ve bought neck massagers before and have been disappointed. This product does everything it says. I tried it on my neck right out of the box, and within five minutes, I was feeling SO much better. I carry all my tension in my neck, and after the first use, I slept like a baby. My husband strained his back, and he’s been using it and loves it as well.”

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