Pure Silk Vs Satin Bedding For Sleep/Allergies – MayfairSilk Launches New Report

London-based premium silk bedding designers, MayfairSilk, have released a comparative report to help buyers distinguish between high-quality, natural silk fibre fabric and artificial ‘silk satin’ which is often falsely presented as pure silk.

Together with its luxurious, smooth texture, pure silk has many health benefits for hair, skin, body temperature regulation, and women’s health, and is environmentally sustainable. The new report explains that products marketed as ‘satin silk’ may deceive the buyer into believing it is real silk for a bargain price, causing them to not only miss out on quality but also on its benefits.

More information is available at https://mayfairsilk.com/pages/benefits-of-silk

True silk is a natural fibroin protein fibre that is woven together into fabric. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and biodegradable. The recently released report describes how ‘satin’ refers only to a type of weave without specifying the fibre involved and that polyester, nylon or rayon are commonly used in ‘silk satin’ materials.

Polyester and nylon are forms of plastic made from petrochemicals. According to GreenChoices, industrial nylon production emits extreme levels of greenhouse gas and as News 24 has stated, a pair of nylon tights takes around 40 years to decompose. Polyester manufacture consumes large amounts of natural resources and the chemical process involved in rayon production is also toxic for the environment.

Byproducts of MayfairSilk production are integrated back into the economic system and ecosystem, and the manufacturing process emits minimal carbon dioxide. All products are free from harmful dyes and toxic chemicals and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

The pH level of MayfairSilk is similar to that of skin, so bedding products maintain skin hydration, preserve hair oils and moisture and have natural-thermo regulating properties. Silk reduces signs of ageing and hair breakage, and offer benefits for those with allergies and skin conditions.

MayfairSilk is a designer brand that sells pure silk bedding, home furnishings and lifestyle accessories using the highest quality Mulberry Silk with a specialised weave and finishing process. The brand has been recommended by top Harley Street Doctors and dermatologists and has been featured in the international press.

A satisfied customer said: “I love the luxury of MayfairSilk. I have been using Mayfair pillow slips for a couple of years and can see an improvement in my hair and skin.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://mayfairsilk.com/pages/silk-vs-satin-silk

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