Pure Silk Pillowcase And Sleep Mask Gift Set – Holiday Buyers Guide Released

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MayfairSilk has released their luxury Christmas gift guide, which features a list of quality product recommendations from their extensive catalog of silk goods.

The gift guide has been released just in time for the holidays, and as all the products can be shipped in only 1-5 days, there is still time to get them before Christmas. These products include luxury silk garments and accessories, hand-selected by the experts at MayfairSilk.

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The newly published list details the benefits of silk over other fabrics, and a brief historical explanation of what makes silk so luxurious. It also aims to make gift-buying easier for those who have no time for Christmas shopping, as it recommends premium items that anyone would take pleasure in receiving.

While the production of silk certainly began in ancient China, its exact history is clouded in mystery. Its reputation as a luxury good, however, is no secret, and it maintains this reputation for good reason. Even today, as synthetic and blended fabrics, have taken over the market, silk remains unmatched in terms of softness and comfort.

MayfairSilk’s products showcase the wondrous properties that silk possesses. From sleepwear to home goods, silk is as versatile as it is beneficial. Beyond the simple comfort it provides, silk is also hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin. This makes it ideal for sleepwear, such as the sleep masks that MayfairSilk has on offer.

Feature stories about its products can be found at https://mayfairsilk.com/pages/press

The company also recommends silk pillowcases as a meaningful gift to loved ones. The eco-friendly, biodegradable material can maintain skin hydration and help with nighttime temperature regulation. These properties are unlike polyester fabrics, which contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, as well as be harmful to the environment.

All MayfairSilk products use high-quality, grade-A Mulberry silk which has not been treated with any harsh chemicals or dyes. The proprietary production process also ensures that MayfairSilk’s fabrics are highly durable while also maintaining their smooth and lustrous feel and appearance.

Among the many rave reviews, one satisfied customer has this to say: “I love these items! Ended up having to buy more pillowcases as I love them so much and wanted spares for when the first set is in the washing! We’ve now got the flamingo, jungle, navy, and coral fans. Lovely to sleep on.”

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