Pure Health Origins Announces Video Interview with Carol Knizek

Pure Health Origins announces a new video interview with Carol Knizek of EatRightforYourHealth,org. In the interview, Carol, the four time cancer survivor discusses the role she feels Turmeric plays in her good health today and the variety of surprising uses Turmeric has.

Pure Health Origins, a health supplement organization founded on the principle that consumers should have peace of mind when purchasing herbs and supplements, announces the publishing of an interview with Carol Knizek of EatRightforYourLife.org which was released YouTube.com and PureHealthOrigins.com.

Carol first began using Turmeric when she was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. In the video interview, Carol discusses how she feels Turmeric has benefited her health and the health of her loved ones.Carol was diagnosed with cancer four times, including a diagnosis of breast cancer, and has had seven surgeries. 

Carol discusses her belief that inflammation is a detrimental condition to fighting cancer, her view that inflammation is a marker of acidity in the body and how she feels cancer feeds off that condition. She also mentions how she finds Turmeric helps her sleep better and feel better overall with the knowledge that she is taking Turmeric.

In the interview, Carol also discusses how she attributes her recovery and current good health in part to including Turmeric in her daily routine. She also talks about how she used Turmeric for a deep cut on her finger and to give her skin a beautiful lightened and brightened glow. Additionally, Carol shares a recipe she uses to make Golden Milk. She notes that she encourages her whole family to take Turmeric and decided long ago to share her experiences with Turmeric on Youtube and her website.

The video interview is published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyvWtjQ3k_g and http://purehealthorigins.com/video-turmeric-benefits-carol-knizek/.

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