Punk Unicorn Inspired Tshirts Hoodies Accessories Zombie Alien Range Launched

A new Punk Unicorn range has been announced by UNICORNHILLS Store. The online retailer offers a wide selection of apparel, accessories, home accessories, gadgets and gifts inspired by unicorns.

UNICORNHILLS Store have announced the launch of their new Punk Unicorns collection. The online store stocks a selection of unicorn inspired apparel, jewelry, gifts and gadgets.

For more information please visit the website here: http://unicornhills.com.

UNICORNHILLS is an online retailer who specializes in offering high quality and affordable unicorn styled products. As one of the leading suppliers of unicorn inspired products and accessories, they have made it their mission to continue providing the innovative and stylish products that their customers want at low prices. They explain that their team of experienced staff are their to guide and help their customers in finding the products for their needs and are there for them during and after every sale.

The online store have recently launched a new Punk Unicorn range. This range has been designed for people who are big fans of unicorns but have tired of the usual rainbows and glitters associated with them. This new unicorn range features t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and accessories.

There are four styles of t-shirt available for men and women in the range. One women’s t-shirt is a pink, black and blue tie-dye design with cartoon unicorns and aliens on the front. An example of a men’s t-shirt is the Attack of the Zombie Unicorn design. This garment features a black background with a cartoon zombie unicorn and rabbit design.

There are also accessories and jewelry items available as part of the edgy new range. On offer is a 925 sterling silver skull unicorn ring. This unisex piece of jewelry is available in a range of sizes and features a gold unicorn horn. There are also steampunk style vintage sunglasses on offer which feature a classic round lens design and have hinged lenses. The retro unisex eyewear is available in five different colored mirror lenses and frames.

Those wishing to find out more about UNICORNHILLS Store and their new Punk Unicorn range can visit the website on the link provided above.

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